Simple Methods to help improve your Bathroom

288333641_04e89b7cdc_zNot many people realise just how important the bathroom is in the home. Not only is it a place to get clean, it also serves as a sanctuary or relaxation for those who love nothing more than enjoying a warm bath after a long day. As it’s a room which you visit every day in your humble abode, here are some easy ways to improve it for the better.

Sort out your radiators

If your bathroom never seems to get warm enough, despite having the heating on for what seems like an age, your radiators may well need looking at. Although modern central heating systems are reliable, older arrangements can prove less efficient over time because of a number of issues. It may be the case that it needs bleeding, or even has a build-up of sludge that needs removing, but getting it sorted will do the world of good and keep your bathroom nice and warm for longer. If you need help with radiators, this DIY Video Guide from Handywork Solutions offers tips on removing radiator sludge and plenty more tasks around the home.

Changing your bathroom tiles

Feel your bathroom tiles are looking tired and old? It’s amazing what a difference changing them for new ones can make. Available in all shapes and sizes, and even in patterned or plain colours, the variety on offer means you are sure to find the exact style you seek. There’s also the maintenance to consider, as new tiles with fresh grout will provide far better levels of water resistance compared to older ones. Need help installing them correctly? The guide mentioned earlier has another useful video.

Lay down the Lino

Not only are tiled floors cold, they can look grubby over time and cause all sorts of problems should just one crack – not to mention the issues with waterproofing with poor grouting. This is why lino flooring is perfect. Not only does it look stylish and clean, but there’s no chance of water penetrating it and it won’t crack. Lino flooring is also fairly easy to install; with the right tools and a quick guide, you will get it stuck down and secure in no time. B&Q have a handy guide, which you can read here.

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Uk Home Owners Will Flush £59 Million Down The Toilet This Year When Borrowing For A New Bathroom

Despite record breaking 0% purchase deals on credit cards, 89% of borrowers would choose a more expensive option when financing their new bathroom, costing them an average of £795 over 2 years1.


  • The good news: 9 out of 10 home owners are choosing to save before undertaking home improvement projects.
  • The gender divide: Women are more likely than men to make a credit-savvy decision when buying a new bathroom by putting the purchase on a new 0% purchase credit card.
  • The age gap: The young trump the aged, with 25–34-year-olds most likely to borrow at 0% interest. The over-65s, however, are the most likely to borrow using a personal loan or existing, interest charging credit card.
  • Geographically speaking: People in Scotland are more likely to end up paying interest than those who live in any other part of the British Isles. The Welsh, on the other hand, are the most likely to avoid interest charges over the course of their borrowing.
  • It’s an avoidable expense: A quick check with the simple-to-use Cheapest Way to Borrow Calculator ( can reveal the most cost-efficient way to borrow up to £10,000 and could save the UK a fortune in avoidable interest charges.


Strictly embargoed until 00:01, Friday June the 20th: New researchreleased today from credit comparison website reveals that the vast majority of UK home owners who are buying a new bathroom are wasting hundreds of pounds in loan or credit card interest charges.


29% of UK home owners are planning to do up their bathroom within the next 3 years3, either to just update or to add value to their property, and with DIY getting more and more popular people are more and more inclined to get the work done themselves.  However, an astonishing number of people will end up wasting money by financing their projects incorrectly.


A majority of home owners will take the time to save money

The survey4 reveals that the proportion of UK home owners who could save money when financing their new bathroom is as high as 88.9%. This is because for the 1.5 million home owners who will borrow money for their renovations the vast majority of them will end up paying unnecessary interest, and it needn’t be this way. A massive 55.1% of those surveyed said that they would take out an unsecured loan to pay for their bathroom (at an average rate of 5.6% APR), whilst 33.8% would put the bathroom on an existing card (at a whopping average of 17.31% APR). This will lose them £206 and £795 respectively. Only 11.1% of borrowers surveyed would take out a new 0% purchase credit card.


The gender divide

Money-savvy women are 17% more likely than men to pick the cheapest option and borrow on a new credit card, paying 0% interest on their borrowing for up to 18 months. In contrast, men are 30% more likely to choose the most expensive option by putting the purchase on an existing interest-bearing credit card.


The age gap

Pensioners have the least frugal borrowing habits — the over-65s are 33% more likely than the UK average to borrow on interest-bearing cards. On the other hand, 25–34-year-olds have the thriftiest habits — 13.6% picked the cheapest option of a 0% purchase card compared to 8.5% of the over-65s who said they would do the same.


Geographically speaking

Scottish people are least likely to pick the cheapest borrowing option with only 7% willing to charge their new bathroom to a credit card with an interest-free period. People from Wales, however, are far more frugal and are 80% more likely than the UK average to opt for the cheapest borrowing option.


Avoiding the mistake
Anyone planning a home improvement project or otherwise looking to borrow money should check
what the cheapest way to borrow is. The calculator ( could save borrowers hundreds of pounds in unnecessary interest charges.


In numbers

55.1% of people would finance with an unsecured loan at 5.6% APR, potentially wasting up to £206.88 each. Overall this would total a massive £17,727,861.65in unnecessary charges in the UK this year.


33.8% of people who would borrow money, would put it on an existing credit card at an average of 17.31% APR potentially wasting up to £795 each. This means a waste of £41,789,779.2.


In 2014, UK home owners will be cumulatively wasting £59,517,640.85 in unnecessary interest – and that’s just for bathrooms.


Will Becker, Co-founder of comments:

“When people are planning on a home improvement project, thinking about the cheapest way to borrow money isn’t necessarily high up on the list of things they get excited about. However a little bit of forward planning could end up saving them a lot of money.  People who undertake a DIY project in order to save money could end up losing hundreds of pounds in unnecessary charges and fees which is a shame. Checking what the cheapest way to borrow is only takes a minute and could make a huge difference. ”

Bathroom Infographic

Brits in the bathroom

The bathroom is often the central point of a home, with every member of a household spending plenty of time there. From getting ready for work or a night out to simply unwinding after a long day, a bathroom suite is a key area for the whole family.

But just how do we behave in the bathroom, and what do we do that drives our loved ones mad? Leading online bathroom provider Screwfix Bathrooms decided to find out, conducting a study into the habits of Brits in the bathroom. Here’s what they found:


So, how many deadly bathroom sins have you committed? Have the findings made you paranoid about who may be snooping through your cupboards? Some new furniture could be in order to ensure that any attempt to go undercover in your cupboard is unsuccessful.

The correct way of hanging toilet paper spared a ferocious debate, with 68 per cent of people admitting that a roll hanging in the opposite way to usual would frustrate them. With so many potential annoyances coming from our actions in the bathroom, redesigning your suite to add a touch of serenity could be the perfect way to avoid bathroom related conflict.

Finally, if you were shocked by just how long we spend in our lifetimes getting ready, consider the fact that men spend around 3,000 hours in a lifetime shaving, which is enough time to shear roughly six thousand sheep!


Choosing the right taps for a freestanding bath

Using a freestanding bath can often seem like a daunting choice in a lot of the homes of today, given that space is quite often at a premium. Whilst a lot of freestanding baths on the market today will use a lot of space within a bathroom, given that they often need to be placed away from a wall in a central location, there are a significant amount of freestanding baths that are designed for smaller bathroom spaces or can even be mounted against a wall.

Freestanding baths are fantastically versatile in lending themselves to the design aesthetic of the bathroom that they’re placed in. For more traditional bathroom designs, roll top baths look stunning when placed in the centre of a room. If you’re striving for a more minimalist and contemporary designed bathroom, pick a freestanding bath with sleek curves and a pure white finish. Freestanding baths are all about making that style statement and taking guests by surprise when they enter the room.

The key to making a freestanding bath work in a contemporary themed bathroom space is to choose the right co-ordinating bath taps. There are often three options for matching taps to a freestanding bath and these are:

* Freestanding bath taps

Although an expensive choice, freestanding bath taps look absolutely stunning when paired with a freestanding or roll top bath. Freestanding bath taps are usually mounted firmly to the floor, concealing pipework and other fittings, and raised by sleek shrouds to the height of the bath. Freestanding taps will support almost any type of bath tap that you need, from the humble bath filler to the extravagant bath shower mixer.

* Deck mounted bath taps

Deck mounted bath taps are a fantastic choice if there is enough room on the edges of your freestanding bath for tap holes to be drilled and deck taps to be fitted. They’re the most common type of bath tap on the market today and will always be seen attached to the baths edge in standard straight and double ended baths.

* Wall mounted bath taps

If you have a freestanding bath that sits comfortably next to an adjacent wall then wall mounted bath taps might just be the choice for you. The benefit of having wall mounted bath taps is that almost all fittings and pipework are hidden neatly in the wall, allowing you to have a fully concealed bath mixer tap set or bath filler spout.


Author Bio

Tap Warehouse are a specialist online tap retailer based in the United Kingdom. They aspire to bring the largest possible collection of bathroom taps, kitchen taps, shower fittings, towel radiators and bathroom accessories to consumers all over the UK.


Giving Your Bathroom A Modern Feel

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in any home, allowing you to get ready for the day ahead or to relax and unwind from the stresses you have faced. With this in mind, it is essential that you have a modern and stylish bathroom in which you feel comfortable and relaxed.

If you are looking to completely replace your bathroom suite, one potential option is to purchase a complete bathroom package. These are put together by bathroom design experts, with quality and style in mind. From simplistic bath suites to the multiple bathing options provided by shower bath suites, there are many different types of bathroom suites available to add a touch of class to your home. While these suites are designed to the highest standards, all elements within a suite can usually be modified, allowing you to make changes to bring the overall style in line with your own personal preferences.

Refreshing the look of your bathroom suite

If you would like to upgrade your bathroom but a complete refurbishment is not required or you do not have the budget for this change, there are still plenty of ways you can make your bathroom feel more modern. A new shower enclosure is one of the best ways to bring a bathroom up to date, offering a refreshing and comfortable bathing experience. Modern showers provide complete control over the temperature and the power of the water, meaning you will never again have to worry about the water suddenly going cold, causing a shocking and uncomfortable end to your bathing.

As well as the shower itself, an enclosure is also an essential part of your bathroom. There are many different styles of shower enclosure, depending on your own personal preferences and the style of your bathroom. One of the most popular choices in modern bathroom design is a quadrant shower enclosure . These are ideal for smaller or ensuite bathrooms, ensuring that plenty of space is available for the rest of your bathroom, offering up a number of possibilities for further development.

The bathroom suite of the future

A shower enclosure is just one way you can move the style and design of your bathroom into the modern era. Your bathtub is another element which can give your suite a visually pleasing and attractive appearance, with freestanding baths offering a traditional style that can be customised to have a modern twist. The feet that are added to these bathtubs can ensure they match the overall theme of your bathroom, as well as fitting in with any colour scheme that you may have in mind for your modern and stylish bathroom.

To put the finishing touches to your bathroom, having pictures to the walls or adding new and vibrant colours are an ideal way to improve the overall feel of your space. This is a superb way to modernise your bathroom without having to make any further costly and time consuming additions.


Some Must Have Bathroom Accessories

Believe it or not, bathroom is the second most important room in a house after the bedroom. According to studies conducted by the New York Times Magazine, people spend around a quarter of their lives inside the bathroom. Thus it comes as no surprise that more and more people give a great importance of a bathroom’s appearance by trying to make it as appealing as possible. And while not all are “blessed” with a large, spacious bathroom and a proper natural ventilation and lighting, below you will find a list with the most useful and stylish accessories to place in your restroom:

For ventilation

The perfect bathroom does not require much more than proper ventilation. The best form of ventilation comes, of course, in the shape of natural ventilation provided by a window. Unfortunately, small apartment bathrooms are rarely equipped with windows that allow fresh air and natural lighting to come in, so those of you who were not “blessed” with it will have to appeal to additional tricks and tips. The best way to offer proper ventilation is to install an exhaust fan. It will maintain your bathroom dry, keep away moisture and eliminate odors. However, for additional freshness and aromatherapy scents you might want to add perfumed candles or room odorants.

For floors

All bathroom floors require proper attention. River stones or porous tiles will prevent you from slipping and will diminish the risk of bath injuries. However, for those choosing style in the detriment of utility, soft rugs are a true feet-treat and a good bath acquisition. You can opt for a variety of styles, colors and forms, but the best ones are soft on the exterior and rubbery on their interior side to prevent slipping over.

For utility

There are countless ways of making your bathroom look pretty while keeping it clean and organized. Women who have a lot of beauty products and accessories can gather them and organize them through the simple use of baskets. Wooden and raffia baskets are both stylish and useful because they can enclose anything from bath creams and lotions to shower gels, tissues, perfumes, soaps and even towels. They will look gorgeous with whatever type of furniture and bathroom style you will adopt, not to mention they will not cost you a fortune.

Bathroom accessory sets are another useful and trendy invention. They also come in a variety of colors, textures and styles to best suit your bathroom ambiance and they are very useful. Accessory sets often include soap dishes, toothbrush holders, tissue boxes, towel supports and many others more that are both handy and affordable. To add a touch of luxury and elegance make sure you opt for accessories made of precious elements such as glass, stainless steel, marble or even gold.

For enhancing your daily bathroom experiences

This might sound silly but many people judge their friends’ bathrooms by the type of toilette paper used. So, unless you practice for becoming a Spartan each day, make sure you always have puffy, smooth and perfumed toilette paper. Moreover, you can enhance your shower experience by purchasing a sophisticated shower tub with hydro-massage functions, sauna and even LCD screens and radio. If you are more of a bath tub type, we suggest you purchase a hot tub equipped with massage functions for relaxing your mind and body. Scented candles scattered all over the bathroom or strategically posted near the bathtub will certainly enhance your bath experience, boost your energy and settle the mood.

For your own “guilty, small” pleasures

Bathrooms are truly fun and easy to decorate, no matter your style, budget or your bath’s size. No matter the style you will choose, your bathroom should always be welcoming, warm, relaxing, useful and trendy. Depending on your guilty pleasures, you can decorate your bathroom in lovely and girly shades of mint, pink, baby blue or lavender or, on the contrary, adopt a more luxurious style and opt for black, white and gold combos. You can keep your makeup essentials in colorful hanging storage boxes or you can choose small raffia baskets for a more refined style (you can find them all at Ikea). With the help of a beautiful and big mirror you can transform your bathroom into a true makeup studio; add spotlights and a makeup mirror and use specialized stickers for a funkier approach.

For the ultimate stylish touch you can opt for a first aid-looking cabinet such as the one from Debenhams.


Andrew Hannigan is a DIY enthusiast. He is a self taught home improvement expert and is currently working with who are known for their vast collection of bathroom accessories


Five Ways to Update Your Bathroom on a Budget

Unfortunately, home repairs and refurbishments always seem to crop up when finances are looking decidedly grim. Updating your bathroom can appear to be a colossal and inevitably costly project, yet there are several simple ways to modernise your bathroom without spending excessive sums of money on materials and labour.

1. Update your bathroom’s colour palette

A dated colour palette can be modernised by painting walls, changing wallpaper and purchasing new, coordinated bathroom accessories. Of course, the extent of the change will depend on your budget, but simply painting all your walls in a crisp white will immediate modernise the feel of your bathroom. For a relaxed and natural feel, opt for browns, greens and beiges. For a more Mediterranean feel, go for blues and whites. For a modern look, alternate black, white and areas of bright block colour.

2. Do not underestimate the power of accessories

Old, threadbare towels and an ailing toilet seat cover age your bathroom a great deal. By replacing old towels with white, fluffy alternatives and ditching unhygienic toilet covers, rugs and grubby shower curtains, your bathroom will immediate adopt a more spa-like feel. Do not forget that lighting plays a hugely important part in the feel of a room: opt for elegant, modern styles over dated, Hollywood mirror lights.

3. Restore where possible

Older pieces such as antique bathroom cabinets and old-fashioned, claw-foot tubs should be restored before they are replaced. Discoloured tubs, chipped paintwork and flaking varnish can easily be restored and improved by following simple, Internet-based tutorials, or by asking for advice at your local home improvement store. Re-painting and varnishing wooden cabinets or shelving units in harmony with your bathroom’s colour palette can do wonders for the space.

4. Do it yourself

If you are handy with a screwdriver, there are plenty of inexpensive ways to modernise your bathroom while sticking to a budget. Simply changing bathroom fixtures such as dated shower heads, tap fittings, soap holders and toilet roll dispensers for coordinated and modern alternatives will immediately modernise and harmonise the space.

5. Do not try to do everything at once

Though it may be tempting to attempt to update your entire bathroom in a single weekend, you will find it easier on your bank balance if you approach the project in various phases, allowing you to spread the costs across several months This approach also allows you to account for unexpected expenses as they arise and re-evaluate the budget for later phases ,where necessary.

Updating your bathroom does not have to be a hugely expensive process. As we have seen, by modernising your bathroom’s colour palette and investing in modern, coordinated accessories, while restoring any attractive and salvageable pieces, you can modernise and harmonise your bathroom at a fraction of the cost of an entire remodel. When working on a budget, it is however important not to purchase items simply because they are cheap. Learn to evaluate which pieces represent your bathroom’s focal points, and invest more in these areas. A nice, fixed bathroom can also increase your home’s value if you are planning to sell it in near future. Check this page to see the prices of property for sale in your neighbourhood.

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Bathroom Remodel

Steps Towards Remodelling Your Bathroom [Guest Post]

Bathroom RemodellingRemodelling your bathroom is a rare home project that incurs large expense and equally a huge return. As per your experience and budget with do-it-yourself projects, it is possible to do all or some of the work by yourself. Completing a step-by-step remodelling project of your bathroom is generally a function of enthusiasm, patience and planning. Most people assume that plumbing jobs are dirty and difficult, but one can be able to do most of the work. You can consider hiring a professional who will handle tasks which are out of your comfort zone.

How To Remodel Your Bathroom:

Measure the wall areas and floor space of the bathroom.

On a graph paper, sketch the measurements of the room, including windows and door openings. If needed, identify where light and space can be added. Identify the major fixtures that you need. If possible leave the toilet on the plan grid in its current location, but upgrade the toilet to a more modern design having water-saving fixtures. In a pre-made design unit, select a shower or sketch a tiled shower having glass doors. Choose a jetted tub or bathtub which harmonizes every aspect in regards to the shower. Invest in bronze or nickel faucets over cheap stainless choices. Purchase sinks, cabinetry and fixtures, and find somewhere onsite to store them while your old bath is being gutted. If no storage is available, schedule the exact time of delivery.

The next step is to disconnect electricity and plumbing in your bath area. Once that’s done, tear out old flooring, walls and plumbing appliances as required, and drag the materials off of your premises.

Make any needed structural modifications to the room beginning with the ceiling and then add recessed lighting fixtures or a skylight or install a bigger window in any of the external walls.

Once that’s done you should install a sub-flooring and drywall. Ensure you route all new plumbing and wiring via wall stud areas prior to nailing on drywall. Install all water lines and drain lines in the joist area of the floor before you nail in place new sub-flooring.

If desired, add a new bathtub and shower plus faucets as well as accompanying hardware and complete the flooring. You can install porcelain or ceramic tiles or put vinyl sheeting flooring. Allow all grout regions to dry for a period of 24 hours. Place the new toilet using a wax seal then attach water lines. Install the sink (s) and vanity cabinet as the focal points of the room. Remember that the colour of the surrounding decor or cabinetry including wallpaper or art must draw the eye towards the vanity wall.

To the wall on top of the vanity you then add your lighting appliances. You can add a lighting bar having clear bulbs or a complex light fixture which is held to the wall over the sink space. If you desire, install within the ceiling space a light fixture. Include details such as towel bars and shelving and throughout the space put in all

baseboard materials. On the wall above the vanity, secure a big mirror. When you have installed light fixtures as well as new electrical outlets, connect the room’s electricity and you would have a perfect bathroom.

Bathroom Windows

How To Choose The Right Blinds For Your Bathroom Window

From looking good to splash backs and moisture, window blinds need a cautious balance of pragmatism and elegance. Roller blinds are some of the most popular choices and are particularly useful for providing toughness without surrendering on the style and other materials. Furthermore, they are seen as flexible so that they can be specifically decorated around certain themes, with easy options for cleaning and adjusting. They allow you to be as private as you want, whilst still having the option to let in the maximum amount of sunlight quickly and with ease. When partaking in a home improvement project and considering the right kind of roller blinds, it is worth thinking about some straightforward advice and things to remember:

The Choice

It is argued that the most ideal roller blinds require a certain type of material that resists water and can be cleaned with simplicity. A wide number of manufacturers create fabrics and synthetic mixes that are designed to be quickly and efficiently cleaned. Other blinds can be made from UPVC fabrics that can be sprayed clean, and will resist a build up of moisture. A number of blinds can also be preserved to defend against any type of damage from sunlight, whilst still providing the warmth inside of the bathroom.

The Colours

The theme of a bathroom is just as important when thinking about the aesthetic value, and blinds can contribute and adapt around your desired theme Some of the most conventional examples involve light pastels and primary colours. Some of the simplest of designs and schemes can carry across the room to work beautifully with the wallpaper. Extra bright colours can really set the mood of a bathroom, with earthy shades and primal colours can work to make the room stand out from any other.

The Decoration

If you are looking to make a bathroom child friendly then blinds are an ideal way to do this. A bathroom can be created to provide a unique place for children via pictured and carefully decorated blinds. A common theme for blinds in the bathroom consist of rubber ducks or fish, to be merged with a similar type of wallpaper and bathroom curtain.

The Safety

Maintenance of roller blinds created with water resistant materials do not usually need much maintenance. There will be times where it will be worth maintained them with treatment to prevent any mildew from appearing. If you do want to make your bathroom child friendly, then ensure that there are not any loose cords or strings from the blinds that can be easily reached by children. As well as being a health hazard, they can turn other objects surrounding the area into health hazards, including electrical equipment and sharp bathroom items which are usually out of reach.

Bathroom Flooring

Why You Need The Correct Tanking For Your Wet Room

Shower WetroomTanking is where you waterproof a room to ensure that it is suitable for a in-built shower. It usually means that the shower is not specifically contained within a bath or shower unit. The slanted floors act as a path to the drain which is usually found in a corner of the room. It is a highly fashionable home improvement option for bathrooms, with a walk in shower an ideal solution for your shower problems. These can vary from a lack of suitable space, to other problems that involve access for disabled users. To make a wet room work however, you need to make sure that the room has been correctly tanked to help the drainage systems work efficiently.

If you do not properly waterproof a wet room then leaks are more likely to happen and moisture can gather within the room, which isn’t a lot of fun to clean and could result in high maintenance costs. The room, if properly tinkered, will remove these problems and will work efficiently and to your liking. High quality materials are key to a good tanked wet room, this ensures that the flooring and walls are not going to easily leak any excess water.

Important Materials

At the start of the process, the tank protection needs proper tiles that are specifically designed for wet rooms. Sealants come in all shapes and forms, from silicone to rubber paint; which can also be useful for bridging joints. Comprehensive tanking kits can be purchased in a package which allows easier setup for beginners. The material also needs to be heat-proof to prevent any expanding due to a hot shower, but breathable enough to withstand a good amount of water vapour (preventing the room from turning into damp)


One of the key elements that is often overlooked when building a wet room is the walls. These need to be properly tanked by primer and applying this to dry surfaces and plaster boards will act as a waterproof seal. Silicone needs to be used again to help cover any awkward corners within the room; with any pipe inlets needing taped up. This can be done with a hole cut out of it to ensure that they do not leak outside. Adhesive then can be applied all over to help put the finishing touches on the waterproof.

The Floor

Floors are typically the hardest to correctly tank, but they are done in a similar way to how you go about securing the walls and need a solid foundation. Tiles are conventionally applied with the intention to leave enough time to let the parts dry out before use. Sometimes this can last over a day, so it is highly important that you leave any test runs until the floors (and the walls) are properly dried. And make sure that the slope leads away from the door to prevent migration into the next room.