Garden Renovation

Lockdown Sees Surge in Demand for Artificial Grass

The term “artificial grass” has tripled in popularity according to Google Trends, which tracks the popularity of online searches. It’s a 185% jump in May in 2020 compared with the same month last year. This suggests a clear surge in people looking to convert their lawn with artificial turf. It’s an ever-growing market in the UK […]


Making a Rental Property Feel Like Home

When renting a property it’s understandable that you will not want to invest large amounts of your hard-earned cash into a house that you don’t own. But we also understand that even though it’s not technically “yours”, you’ll still want it to feel homely and give it your own stamp. As a tenant, you’re often […]

Skip Hire

The Importance of Hiring a Skip During Home Renovations

Hiring a skip during home renovations is becoming popular. It’s a necessary service for the cleaning of waste when doing work to your home, spring cleaning, and managing of waste on a new construction site.  Managing of waste generated during a home renovation is exhilarating therefore skip hire will be the best option. We generate […]