Can you Have a Toilet in a Garden Room?


A garden room can be described as an extension of your residence. It can be referred to as a  stand-alone building, an exterior structure, or an outdoor living area. Some people take the literal term and assume it being a greenhouse, having an ambience of a garden. A garden room separates your home with all your distractions inside and helps you to focus, relax or work at your fullest capacity.

Yes. A garden room is generally made with the finest natural materials one can find, to give it that taste of luxury and take your mind to a peaceful headspace. Most garden room prices vary from about £18000 to £58000 depending on what you equip your garden with.

Garden office with a toilet

A garden room can have any features that you may like. Most people use it as an office, gym or a studio but it’s not necessary to have the same things as others. It’s a blank canvas and you can paint it as you like, in the best manner that can help you attain happiness. People wonder whether they should install showers and toilets in their garden rooms and we suggest that it is quite ideal to do it. 

If you plan on spending your entire day in that personal crib as a garden office, relaxing space or as any other way, having a toilet or a shower would really make things easy for you as an individual. You can also equip your garden with sofas, chairs, barbeque stands and a dining table to have your friends over and have a great time together. Adding a refrigerator too wouldn’t be such a bad idea either.

Importance of a toilet in a garden room


  • Personalisation

The biggest advantage you have in building your own garden room is that you can personalise the outlet according to yourself. When you buy a house, you get a concrete structure and there is not a lot you can add into it. But in the garden area, you can pour your heart out by building it with your personal taste and satisfaction.

  • Easy accessibility

Most people build their garden houses with the intention of spending a lot of time in it. They convert it into  gyms, working offices, a little snack area, pool, etc. With all these facilities equipped, having a shower there itself is a convenient option. If the individual is trying to make a comfortable space, then why leave out the toilet? It’s a necessity too. 

  • Improves the overall hospitality

Most people organise events in their garden room areas. It is always a better idea to install a shower and a toilet for your guest’s convenience. Equipping this area with these basic necessities makes this place a great hospitable environment. 


  • Chaotic

Having an outdoor shower or a toilet isn’t the problem. The problem arrives when things start to get messy. Cleaning the patio will be a huge headache and will require a lot of maintenance.

  • Extravagant

The extravagance in having an outdoor shower isn’t too economical and can cost a fortune. The establishment of having an outdoor shower and a toilet demands expensive interior designing. Its addition along with other amenities, will cost a lot of money and is not very budget friendly.

  • Not season-friendly

In summers, the showers will feel great but during winter, it won’t seem like such a bright idea.  When you’ll find yourself fully wet in the rainy season and the clouds above you will give you chills, it won’t be a great idea to take a shower outdoors.. And do you really think you will be using this place in harsh winters when it will be snowing? Nope. 

Whenever you choose to install a shower and a toilet in the garden room or not it is completely up to your choice. These amenities will definitely be very functional and will make the space more usable. However, it can’t be denied that custom garden room prices will be an expensive project.

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