Home improvement

What are electric radiators?

Electric radiators are a type of heating system that are fixed to the wall. They work by connecting to the electricity grid through your power sockets. They are generally made of aluminium, as it has a very high heat transmission factor. The question is… How does an electric radiator heat a room? Heat is the transfer […]

Air Conditioning

How to clean air conditioning vents

While air conditioners provide much needed relief during the hot summer months, the vents can become the hiding zone for rodents, vermin, dirt, dust, and other undesirable particles.   These pose health hazards making your home an unhealthy environment.  Air conditioning vents act as the lungs of your HVAC system, and just like your lungs, they […]


Agents’ delight as mortgage lending bounces back

According to Bank of England figures, mortgage approvals in the month July have beaten their expectations. The number of mortgages approved by UK banks rose to 40,000 last month after May’s record crash to just 9,300. This June figure was well above the 34,000 anticipated by analysts. In reality, even this much-improved figure is still […]

Buildings Renovation

Construction projects full steam ahead before potential second wave

Construction projects across the UK are working at full capacity as homeowners, developers and builders try to maximise production before the next covid-19 wave occurs. Whilst currently not under lockdown, the risk of a potential second wave lingers with some parts of Britain such as Oldham and Leicester already classified as high-risk areas. With this […]


Sails vs Blinds [Infographic]

Choosing a shading solution for your conservatory is a key decision that will enhance the comfort, usability and beauty of your space. While conservatory blinds are the traditional choice, conservatory sails are a cutting-edge alternative that offers so much more. But what are the differences between the two choices?


The Benefits of Garage Door Servicing and Maintenance

As a cornerstone of security, convenience and beauty of your home, garage doors need a little TLC to keep them performing well and looking great. Regular maintenance and servicing is the key to restoring the quality of your garage door and avoiding any problems down the line. This article was written by Doormatic Garage Doors, […]

Skip Hire

The Importance of Hiring a Skip During Home Renovations

Hiring a skip during home renovations is becoming popular. It’s a necessary service for the cleaning of waste when doing work to your home, spring cleaning, and managing of waste on a new construction site.  Managing of waste generated during a home renovation is exhilarating therefore skip hire will be the best option. We generate […]


Why Does My Fridge Smell?

So, you want to know why your fridge smells? Here’s the short answer: bacteria. Microbes thrive in areas that are moisture rich, which is why your fridge is such a hub. Whether it’s spilt food or condensation, once the moisture gets in, the bacteria will start to multiply and, eventually, leave behind a foul smell.  […]


“Market is Springing Back to Life” says Magnet Capital Co-Founder

The Managing Director of one of the UK’s growing development finance companies has expressed his optimism that the property market is springing back to life, following the covid-19 break. Sam Howard of Magnet Capital, wrote in an article on their website, “There will undoubtedly be far-reaching economic ramifications but at the moment there is plenty […]


Making a Rental Property Feel Like Home

When renting a property it’s understandable that you will not want to invest large amounts of your hard-earned cash into a house that you don’t own. But we also understand that even though it’s not technically “yours”, you’ll still want it to feel homely and give it your own stamp. As a tenant, you’re often […]