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Carpets are always an essential part of almost any home, and why shouldn’t they be? They offer superior comfort and warmth and make any room a more suitable place to rest or have a good time. Furthermore, carpets really add a high aesthetic value, especially when you manage to maintain them properly.

With proper maintenance, you can rest assured that your carpet will last for years while having all the comfort and beauty it offers. However, even when you provide it with quality maintenance, many things can compromise your work, such as you or anyone in the house wearing shoes inside the house and stepping all over the carpet.

In this article, you can learn about why it’s bad to wear shoes on a carpet and some carpet maintenance tips.

Shoes bring dirt, mud, and other dirty stuff into your home

The next time you feel like walking straight into the living room without taking your shoes off to relax after a hard day outside, you need to think about your day first. Why? Well, since you wear your shoes outside to many places, from parks and fields to malls and buildings, your shoes can carry a lot of dirt and mud on the soles and bring them straight to your home and your carpet.

If you’ve spent a lot of time outside, there’s a chance that you can even bring some grass, bacteria, germs, and other organisms and have them trapped in the fibre of your carpet. Since carpets are made of fabric, dirt, mud, and dust can easily be stuffed inside the carpet and stay there for years, making your house dirty.

When you always wear shoes inside the house and on your carpet, it’s a habit that you should stop doing as soon as possible. While you can always have your carpet cleaned regularly or even more often, that doesn’t guarantee that it will remove all the dirt you bring with your shoes.

It can leave stains

Apart from all the dirty stuff that dirty shoes can give to your carpet, they can also give you a big problem as you never know if this dirty stuff on the bottom of your shoes can cause staining on your carpet.

There’s a really good chance for it to happen, and it’s very easy to do it. For example, what if you had to go to the garden to take something, however, you didn’t notice that you stepped on a wet patch of soil from when you watered the plants this morning? Then, when you go back inside, you go straight to the couch, leaving muddy footprints on your carpet all the while without even noticing.

Also, it doesn’t even have to be wet outside for your shoes to cause stains. Even the slightest dirt can cause a stain, especially if your carpet is of a light colour or if it has some moisture inside. Furthermore, even without stepping on soil, there’s still a lot of dust out there that you can bring home.

Do you know what’s even worse than mud and dirt? Well, you can always step on food outside without knowing it. If you’re really unlucky, you can even step on gum, which is a nightmare to remove even for professional carpet cleaners.


When it’s wet outside, especially when it’s raining, and you take your shoes inside your home and step all over the carpet, you’re in for a lot of trouble. If you didn’t know it yet, moisture is very bad for carpets.

First, when a carpet is moist, it’s easy for even the smallest amount of dirt and dust on your shoes to stain on the carpet’s surface, especially when you have a light-coloured carpet.

Furthermore, many things can get trapped in your carpet over the years, especially when it doesn’t have regular cleaning and maintenance. Now, imagine all this stuff being exposed to moisture. Inside the house, it will be difficult for the moisture to go away. Chances are, it will lead to an unpleasant odour. If unlucky, it can even lead to mould, which can risk your health.

Trust us; it doesn’t smell good. Also, if you plan to have people visit you, it’s better to revisit your plans, as the smell won’t leave your visitors with a good impression of you. Furthermore, the risk of mould is something you should never take lightly.

Also, when carpets have moisture for a long time, a point will come where it will be in a very bad condition that you will have no option but to get a new one. So, if you don’t want any bad smells or the considerable expense of buying a carpet, avoid wearing shoes on the carpet.

Expert advice from leading carpet cleaners in Fremantle

Sure, you may think it’s a hassle to remove your shoes every time you go inside, but it’s not that big of a deal. When you get used to it, it’s not really that hard. Well, it may be, but it’s definitely not harder than the stress and trouble you can get when your carpet gets dirty or stained from things on the bottom of your shoe.

If you have problems caused by wearing shoes on your carpet and for all your carpet concerns, the leading carpet cleaners in Fremantle are always open to your questions and provide expert advice.

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