Top 10 Home DIY Home Décor Tips

Open spacious room with large windows, minimalist dining table with chairs, plants and pendant lamps

Every homeowner loves decorating the place, which is a lovely retreat for him or her. The home is the place where a person feels at ease and can relax completely. Little changes here and there makes a lot of difference to enhance the beauty of the home. It also improves its functionality and makes it more comfortable and convenient. If you plan to make a few changes where you can add your personal touch, here are a few tips that will help you. There is no need to make heavy changes from top to bottom when simple and small changes can also do the trick.

Wall hooks for an ethnic touch

If you plan to decorate your home with an ethnic touch, you can choose lovely wall hooks and get them installed on any of the walls. Hang lovely, pretty wall hangings and make your wall area look more attractive. These hooks are available in an incredible range of designs. Choose something that goes well with your décor theme and adds character to it.

Change your cushion covers

If changing the upholstery is a big job, and you do not wish to spend so much, you can always change the cushion covers and replace the old ones with new, vibrant ones. Use old silk sarees or any other material and create beautiful and aesthetically exclusive cushion covers. You can add some embellishments like tassels, mirrors, embroidered patches, and more here and there to give them a classy look. 

Look for Nice Curtain Holders

If you had changed your curtains not too long back but want to make some changes in the way your curtain looks, you can always use an ethnic curtain holder and keep the curtain gathers tied up in a beautiful loop. You will be amazed to see how this simple décor accessory can bring a difference to your window dressing. You can use four panels of curtains and tie two of them, leaving two open and untied. It will give an excellent look to your rooms. 

Place small rugs here and there

If winters are about to knock at your doors and you want to create a cozy and warm space for yourself. Place a lot of rugs here and there to add warmth and attractive looks. You can also use a vertically long rug in the entranceway. Similarly, place a soft carpet close to your bed so that when you get up in the morning, your feet touch the rug’s soft fabric. Use vibrantly coloured rugs to jazz up your space. 

Illuminate Your Space

Light has immense energy and power to make any space look more beautiful. When you wish to add your lovely touch to make your home look more attractive, light up fragrant candles here and bring warmth and glow of lighted candles. You can also use pendant lights or ambient lights when you wish to create a perfect ambiance in your home. If you have guests over at your place, light up these candles and check out how it illuminates your living area. You can go a step further and use fairy lights in bottles or over the shrubs to add a cozy feel to the interiors and exteriors. 

Bring Nature Indoors

Look for indoor plants and place them in different parts of your home. The smattering of greens here and there will liven up the area and make it look more in touch with Mother Nature. Use brass planters or hanging ones to add to the beauty of your home. A vase full of fresh blooms can also bring a lot of difference to the aesthetics of interiors. A tall palm in one of the corners with focus light hanging over it can make a sea difference to your simple home décor. 

Create a reading nook

If you are a voracious reader, why not create a reading corner in the living room or your bedroom right below the window? This way, you will enjoy natural light streaming in and admire the outdoor beauty. You just need a lounge chair or a small sofa or a couch below the window. Place a small table close to it where you can keep your books and a hot cup of coffee to go by. You can also have your friends in your room and use this corner for your gossip sessions. 

Kitchen Makeover

If you wish to change your kitchen’s look without making major additions, replace heavy curtains with lighter, breezier ones, and place a lot of small planters on the window sill. You can also add a few floating shelves on any of the walls and place some lovely and attractive décor objects on them. Try mason jars and other décor objects that syncs well with the kitchen environment. You can use empty mason jars to put in a lot of greens or herbs. 

Bathroom Vibes

The bathroom is also an integral part of your home, so do not leave it out when showing your home deco chops. Place a cane basket full of small face towels neatly rolled in on the countertop. Also, place an indoor plant in an attractive planter that can survive on the bathroom’s moisture. Place bathroom mats or rugs on the floor. Hang a plastic curtain in the shower area. These small efforts will give you great results. 

Create a lovely outdoor sitting area

Make optimal use of your patio or deck area. Place many all-weather furniture in the area where you can sit back and relax for a while. Surround the area with a lot of greens to make it look spectacular. 

These simple tips will help you with your home décor projects, and your loving touch will also shine through.

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