The Importance of Hiring a Skip During Home Renovations

Hiring a skip during home renovations is becoming popular. It’s a necessary service for the cleaning of waste when doing work to your home, spring cleaning, and managing of waste on a new construction site.  Managing of waste generated during a home renovation is exhilarating therefore skip hire will be the best option.

We generate waste when doing any kind of renovation, and it’s your responsibility to dispose of them quickly and safely.

The disposing of your waste irresponsibly can create problems in the environment.  Skip hiring will assist you to get rid of your waste healthily and ethically.

The Benefits of Hiring a Skip

Saves Time

Home renovations generate a lot of waste material. So you have to spend all your time taking the waste to the landfill to dispose of them. The extensive process of gathering the wastes, loading them in your car boot or hiring a vehicle, taking a lengthy trip to the landfill, and taking down the waste manually is tedious. Likewise, doing work to a bigger home will require multiple trips back and forth to the landfill.

Skip Hiring is one of the best decisions you will make. They will help you dispose of your waste properly and you can manage your time effectively.

Protects the Environment

Hiring a skip when renovating your home is a contribution to a safer environment.  Improper disposal of waste materials can cause environmental pollution. Diseases can also spread with unethical disposal of waste and cause serious health epidemics.  Hiring a skip during the home renovation is you playing your part in protecting the environment against any form of pollution.

Saves Costs

Another benefit of hiring a skip during home renovations is it helps to save cost. Home renovation can be expensive but many skip services rent out skips at affordable prices and also render excellent services.  You need not worry about hiring a transportation truck or the logistics of taking the waste to the landfill.  The skip service will take the wastes directly from your homes and take it to the landfill for proper disposal.   


According to constructions ethics, lack of proper waste disposal can lead to accidents on the construction site. During home renovations, it is common for accidents and injuries to happen, like tripping on sharp objects or falling on broken asbestos. It is very important to keep your home organised and to prevent such from happening, it’s crucial to hire a skip.

Segregating Waste

Skip hire provides the service of segregating your waste into liquid waste, hazardous waste, recyclable waste, solid waste, and organic waste. This ensures proper waste removal from homes. This also reduces the amount of burden on the capacity of landfill.

After segregating the waste, they take the recyclable ones to the nearest recyclable facility. This also cut down on bottled water pollution.

If you would like to find out more about how hiring a skip can benefit you, get in touch with Jarvis Metal today. Give them a call on 01295 710223 or visit our contact page for more details. 

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