Pet-perfect luxury vinyl flooring

Despite being unable to ask dogs for their input, it is crucial that you consider our four-legged friends when choosing new vinyl flooring. There are many benefits to installing luxury vinyl flooring that you may not even be aware of.

Why luxury vinyl flooring loves dogs

Patented Scratch-Guard technology means there’s no chance that your little pup is going to wreak havoc on your flooring as they take their first adventures around your home. 

Vinyl flooring has a protective coating over many layers of synthetic materials, which work as a defence mechanism against sharp objects, for instance; dog’s claws. Though vinyl flooring can be cheap, it is recommended that you opt for a reasonably priced high-quality vinyl flooring. If the price is suspiciously low, you may not get enough bang for your buck.

Other bonuses include the heat balancing affects that the many layers provide. On a hot summer’s day, your dog can lie down on cooling vinyl flooring. Dog beds are recommended for winter however, if you have underfloor heating you won’t see any change to the condition of your vinyl flooring.  


Safety first

Dogs are prone to quick movement; therefore, you should ensure the vinyl flooring you choose is textured or embossed to ensure your dog doesn’t hurt themselves, moving through your home. This is also vital if your dog is of an older age or is in recovery from an injury. 

Helpful tips 

As a dog owner you know that mess can often be left in the wake of your best friend bounding towards you. Vinyl flooring ensures that you can spend more time with your dog and less time cleaning up the fallen dirt from their paws. All vinyl flooring options are easy to clean with a simple sweep or a mop. 

Precautions can be taken to prevent food and water bowls leaving stains in the area they are placed by keeping a towel or cloth underneath them. A regular cleaning schedule will help prevent build ups of fur which can get trapped in dirt and mud.  

What to do now

Having a dog in your family doesn’t mean you can’t have the style of a state-of-the-art home. Luxury vinyl flooring is durable and diverse in style, meaning there is no harm done to your pets or your interior design scheme. 

Amtico specialise in vinyl flooring your home that is based on natural oak and stone designs. Browse their Signature Woods, Spacia Stone and even Abstract ranges for inspiration. If you’re looking to achieve more within the design of your flooring, Luvanto Click and Herringbone, Design or Endure Pro will ensure a balanced relationship between your pets and your flooring.