Deep cleaning the home and vinyl flooring

Vinyl Flooring

Now more than ever it is vital to keep our homes clean and hygienic. So, how do we clean our homes properly and avoid adverse health issues? Below are some handy hints for cleaning your home. 


Germs are prone to residing on your surfaces as much varied activity is conducted on this space. To deep clean your surfaces, ensure all debris has been gathered away and put into your waste bin, then spray the area with an anti-bacterial spray and wipe away with a warm damp cloth. 


Inside and out, windows can also harbour germs, debris, and bacteria, especially if they are located next to your kitchen or bathroom sinks. To thoroughly clean windows, wipe away the initial layer of dirt with a warm damp cloth, then apply a streak free glass cleaner and wipe away with a micro fibre cloth.  


With so much space to consider throughout the home, having a strong cleaning strategy can take hours off your cleaning time. For interior cleaning, it is best to start by sweeping and hoovering the largest areas of the home, then move onto mopping any floors which are not made of fabric. This way whilst the floors are drying you can give your furniture and ornaments a dust and polish.  


Entrances to the home are prime collecting areas for mud and other outside dirt. Be sure to sweep frequently around the perimeter of the home to prevent bringing dirt in via the soles of your shoes. Outside furniture should be covered during adverse weather, and if cleaning is required, use a warm damp cloth with a simple soap solution. 

Cleaning your cleaning tools 

If you excessively use cleaning tools such as hoovers, mops and brushes, it is a good idea to clean them regularly, as they can keep germs locked in for some time after their last use. Brushes and vacuum ends and attachments can be dunked in warm water, and the contents of the hoover should always be emptied after use.  

A great shortcut for a lengthy cleaning process is having a flooring which does most of the work for you. Look as Amtico Spacia, a resilient flooring with Scratch Guard technology and moisture resistance, whose styles work for traditional or modern properties. Luvanto also has a versatile design portfolio with all the same functional benefits, and customisation options such as borders, parquet, and herringbone design. Make your cleaning easier with luxury vinyl flooring.