Moving Home: Making it Run Smoothly

Moving home can be a very stressful time for anyone, but especially if you are trying to organise the move around work, children and pets – whether it’s organising removals in Warrington or Portsmouth, it’s no wonder we get anxious.

There are two ways to accomplish your move – do-it-yourself or by getting in the professionals. If you are moving on a budget, then although considerably harder and more stressful, the DIY route will probably be your chosen option. You will need to purchase a number of cardboard boxes and strong tape. Be sure to buy enough because there is nothing worse on the day to discover that you are short. Wrap all your items carefully with bubble wrap, as unlike with the professional removal company, many of your items may not be covered by your insurance whilst in transit. At this point it is essential to number and write the contents on every box and also which room in your new house it should go into.

With regards to furniture, again make a note as to which room each item should go and remember to put bubble wrap around the legs of tables and chairs to protect them during transit. On the big day you will need to start early. Prepare a checklist beforehand to ensure that nothing is forgotten. Once the removal lorry has arrived, stay in the house and ensure that every item is taken in an order which will facilitate off-loading into each area of the new house, as once everything is in place, you will be feeling exhausted and this way it will be much easier to make the lounge and bedrooms immediately usable. Also it is strongly recommended that the electric kettle, mugs, tea bags, sugar and milk travel in the car with you, as cups of tea are crucial no matter whether you are moving yourself or using the professionals for home removals.

Whenever possible however, do use a professional removal company as they know exactly what they are doing and operate with military precision, taking all the stress out of the day for you and your family, as all you will need to do is unpack.

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