Four Budget DIY Tasks That Can Transform Your Kitchen

Undertaking a bout of DIY can be quite the rewarding and fulfilling experience – as long as you can get your project finished, anyway!

Equally, the economic satisfaction of saving money on hiring tradesmen to do the work for you can be another gratifying element of “Doing it Yourself”.

However, what often deters many from getting their hands dirty is the realisation that many DIY Kitchen projects can be too overwhelming and time consuming to ever seriously consider performing.

That assumption, though, couldn’t be further from the truth. There are plenty of budget DIY projects applicable to the kitchen that even the most amateur of handymen (or women) can complete successfully. Here are four of those very projects which to consider.

Replacing kitchen cabinet handles or knobs

Replacing your kitchen cabinet handles is a fantastic opportunity to transform the authentic feel of your kitchen without adding any significant cost to your budget. This also provides a chance to add some originality to the aesthetics of your kitchen. To perform, simply unscrew your existing handles and replace – easy peasy! Just take a look at these custom handles that depict well-renowned places on a map!

Paint your kitchen cabinets

Ok, so you’ve got your new handles, how about a lick of paint? This is another low-cost and pain-free way to spruce up the feel of your kitchen environment without the hassle of employing tradesmen. Again, unscrew your door and paint with a colour of your choice and one that really captures the mood you’re trying to create.

Consider a new lighting solution

If a lick of paint can be utilised to help define a new style and atmosphere within a kitchen then changing your lighting is a straight-forward way of altering the aesthetics of your surroundings without having to be a craft or DIY specialist.

It may seem like a small change, but with the variations of lighting options available on the market, it can certainly make a big difference. You can opt for a bright white light to accentuate the sense of cleanliness in the kitchen or go for something completely different like some tinted blue lighting to emit an ice cool effect.

Change your kitchen faucet

Changing your existing kitchen faucet can make both an aesthetic and economical improvement to your kitchen. This is an excellent DIY Kitchen task for a beginner and can help to build up an individual’s confidence to attempt a more adventurous project. Remember, acquire a faucet that’s modern, stylish and offers greater functionality to that of your existing unit.

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