Is Porcelain a Good Choice for Patios?

We’re all more appreciative of our outdoor spaces right now, so it makes sense that when you want to spruce up or redesign your patio you want to get the best materials.

When it comes to paving your patio, it can be overwhelming with the number of materials available to you. Porcelain paving, however, has become a popular choice for many in the last few years, which leads us to the question: is porcelain a good choice for patios?

In this article, we’ll explore the reasons you might want to consider porcelain, how long you can expect it to last and whether it makes a durable surface.

Why choose porcelain for patios?

The research phase of any project means you should be asking yourself this question, especially in relation to qualities you’re looking for specific to your patio. Here are three big reasons people often choose porcelain:

  • Range of colours and finishes – From regal blues to stately whites, wood grain patterns to large tiles that only need minimal joint detailing, you can select a luxury porcelain paving stone to meet your design aspirations. You’re no longer limited to uniform, grey slabs, so why not make your space unique to you?

Credit: Designed by Sue Gilbert Gardens By Design | Built by Habitat Landscapes

  • Low-maintenance – Because of their smoother finish, porcelain tiles are often easier to clean, requiring no heavy scrubbing to remove moss and dirt, instead a simple wipe will suffice. They also don’t need to be regularly sealed, although this depends on the type of tiles you opt for and how they have been manufactured.
  • Weather-resistant – Selecting a patio material that can withstand the varying weather conditions here in the UK – from cold, rainy days to scorching summers – is crucial. Porcelain can stand up to these tests because it’s non-porous, frost-resistant and also won’t fade on long sunny days.

How long will a porcelain patio last?

Porcelain patios are designed to last for decades, sometimes as long as 50 years into the future. Of course, how long your porcelain patios last will largely depend on how well they are laid and the quality of the tile itself, but if you purchase tiles from a trusted supplier and have them professionally laid (or correctly follow the supplier/manufacturer instructions yourself) you will certainly be able to bank on a beautiful, pristine patio surface for many years to come.

We’ve already mentioned how well porcelain tiles deal with different weather extremes, putting your mind at ease there. But what about overall structural integrity? This leads to the next question people commonly ask, not only about porcelain but any patio paving material in terms of longevity.

Credit: Essex Garden Designs 

Do porcelain patio slabs break easily?

Porcelain paving gets its hard-wearing properties from the way it is made. Mixing clay, sand and other minerals, the solution is then baked in a kiln at high temperatures. The result is a tough and durable tile that is more than capable of withstanding the weight of patio furniture, barbecues and constant foot traffic in the summer. 

In some instances, porcelain paving has been used for public spaces where it more than stands up to the test, and it’s even been known to take the full weight of vehicles — though the only trucks driving across your patio will probably be the kids’ toy trucks!

The real benefits of porcelain paving

So let’s talk about how a porcelain patio can really benefit you. These are the true lifestyle improvements you get as a result of some of the things we’ve mentioned above:

  • Seamless transitions – Because of the quality of porcelain, you can move seamlessly between your kitchen or living room at the back or side of the house into your garden. This harmony and flow makes it feel like your living space has been extended, with a comfortable feel underfoot. This feeling of living in a personal oasis is not something you get with old concrete slabs.
  • Future-proof for savings – Thanks to the beautiful nature of porcelain and its longevity, you won’t need to redevelop or refurbish your patio when it comes to your flooring. Simply accessorise and style with the elements that are easier to change and you’ll save yourself a lot of money, stress and hard work overall.
  • Child, pet and furniture-proof – By this, we mean that porcelain is scratch-resistant, so the beautiful look of your tiles will be safe from the damage that would usually be caused by children dropping their toys, dogs padding along with their claws or friends and family dragging furniture. That’s quite a weight off your mind when it comes to the more practical realities of preserving your outdoor living investment.

So when it’s time to design your patio – whether that’s right now or something you’re planning for next year – indulge in the luxury and reliability of porcelain patio tiles

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