Innovative Roofing Designs For Modern Homes

A modern home poses a challenging caveat for roofers and homeowners alike. The modern home has to be gorgeous but still extremely functional and also on-trend. The roof is not only functionally a very important part of the house but it contributes greatly to its final look and appeal. 

Roadside appeal is a concept of singular importance to designers and relators alike and the choice of roofing material and its finish are huge factors. Here are some innovative roofing designs for modern homes that look great and function even better. 

Split-Level Homes

A split-level architectural design for homes is ideal when the terrain does not allow for a simple straight build. Split-level roofs however can be designed even if the underlying ground is perfectly level simply as an architectural statement. Split-level roofs can be in a variety of roofing materials with metal being a particular favorite. The look is modern and chic and makes a house’s exterior seem very interesting. In order to achieve split-level roofs, the architect has to make rooms like an attic and rooms on multiple levels which ultimately adds value to a home due to its unique character. 

Typically with split-level roofs, the lower roofs have a gentler slope with the higher roofs being steeper. The roofs can be laden with solar panels for maximum energy utilisation and insulation works better in homes that are built in this style. Split-level roofs allow for balconies and terraces to be built so there are more outdoor spaces for the homeowner to utilise and sloping roofs are always an ideal choice in areas where there is snow or excessive rain. 

The Wonders Of A Skylight 

Skylights are a wonderful design feature as they let the natural light shine and give a breezy and airy look around the house. Perfect for open-plan large houses, skylights can change the look and feel of a space. Never make the mistake of using regular glass for skylights as it can shatter with hail or rain so always use reinforced shatter-proof glass and avoid too many skylights if you live somewhere where it snows a lot. 

Tubular skylights are a more modern feature compared with the conventional ones and they also provide some energy conservation as less artificial lighting needs to be used during the day. Skylights usually come paired with high ceilings which looks stunning but a well-positioned skylight can even make a regular ceiling appear taller than it is. A skylight can help showcase all your creativity and effort in procuring the most aesthetic furniture and art by flooding the home with natural light. 

Copper And Metal 

Modern homes now gravitate towards super-durable materials like metal shingles for roofing. Metal sheets are more or less obsolete but metal cladding is on-trend due to its simple yet industrial vigor and appeal. In many modern homes, this design is paired with copper cladding which adds a lovely subtle contrast to the roof. The cladding is extremely durable and provides excellent insulation to the home hence resulting in energy savings. The effect is slightly rustic and the roof will require little maintenance as the years wear on. Copper is a metal that looks more beautiful with age and it can be counted on to be very durable. 

Gable Roofs

A gable roof has two sections that interconnect to make one ridge and the name gable comes from a French word primarily meaning ‘façade.’ The ridges form a triangle and the gable roof design is a much coveted one for modern homes since it saves energy and more natural light is filtered into the home. The gable roof is also incredibly versatile as it can be painted and customised to match any number of architectural house designs. The gable roof has all the fixings for an ideal modern home roof along with a vintage old cottage appeal that resonates with just about everyone. 

Formulated Around Sustainability 

Modern homes are all about energy efficiency and saving the planet, sometimes even at the cost of aesthetics although it is entirely possible to have both. Homeowners like to have solar roofs installed by a commercial roofer so they can minimise their dependence on the grid, and save money and the planet by using renewable, sustainable energy. 

Materials that insulate properly so heat or cooling does not escape depending on the weather are part of practicing sustainability and green roofs are a particular favourite for modern homes as well. Green roofs are roof gardens or plantations where people grow a range of plants and vegetables on the roof offering organic produce for themselves and oxygen for everyone else. A green roof also helps keep a home cool in moderate to warm climates reducing the need to use air conditioners that are known to damage the o-zone layer and cause environmental damage. 

Thatched Roofs

Thatched roofs are the most rustic option out there for homeowners who just love that look that a house is right out of an earlier olden time but for obvious reasons such roofs are less durable although they cannot be beaten in aesthetics. A thatched roof provides natural insulation saving on energy and looks natural and beautiful, especially for smaller houses. 

Living In A Dome

A dome-style roof is a style that has never gone out of fashion and is both an ancient style and ironically a futuristic one. Domes are great for breaking wind pressure and they look visually striking and unusual and are a great choice for smaller homes or homes with tall ceilings. 

Polycarbonate Roofing 

If you live in a very warm area with plenty of sunlight received throughout the year, consider polycarbonate roofing of the translucent kind which allows you to maximise the sunlight, especially for covered outdoor spaces like a greenhouse. Patios can be roofed in this kind of roofing material and even entire living areas. The effect looks like a roof out of the future but it pairs well with more rustic and organic elements creating a fusion designer feel.

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