DIY: How to install a bioethanol fireplace

Are you looking for the cozy atmosphere of a beautiful fireplace yet dread the often complicated and costly installment? You do not need to worry about this anymore. The solution has never been so simple: try a Bioethanol fireplace.

Bio fireplace installation

The installation of a bio fireplace is very easy. A bioethanol fireplace does not require a chimney or any other form of ventilation as it does not produce any smoke, soot, or ashes. This does not only ensure immensely easy cleaning but also makes it a flexible solution as it can be placed anywhere. Therefore, the bio fire is a perfect fireplace for anyone who wants the comfort of a fireplace without the hassle of rebuilding the home and installing a chimney.

bioethanol fireplace installation
Bioethanol fireplace

However, keep in mind that the procedure can differ depending on where you want to install it. Bioethanol fireplaces can be installed in many ways. They come in built-in, wall-mounted, freestanding, or even see-through designs. Hence, it is always smart to read the manual that comes along with the specific bio fireplace beforehand. But that is the most difficult part of the process!

Do you need a chimney?

If the bio fireplace is to be mounted directly to the ceiling or built-in the wall it is important to ensure that the material within the ceiling height or wall is stable and suitable enough for a fireplace installation. For a freestanding fireplace or a built-in version for a shelve or room divider, the installation is not even necessary. Most bioethanol fireplaces or bio fireplace inserts are delivered to the new owners’ doorsteps already completely assembled. This means, that all that needs to be done is to select a suitable place within the home. Once the bio fireplace is built-up, the last step is to fill the automatic or manual burner with bioethanol. Then the bio fireplace can be enjoyed with all its glory! 

How do I accessorise a bioethanol fireplace?

Now that the bioethanol fireplace has been installed there is only one thing missing: The decoration! There are plenty of items such as ceramic wood, pebbles, or a glowing flame to create a gorgeous and cozy fireplace atmosphere. The advantage of the decoration is its fire resistance. Therefore, it can be used multiple times. The items only need to be placed around the flame and the burner. Keep in mind that not all fireplaces are suited for decorative items. Small or wall mounted fireplaces might be difficult to place the decoration inside due to their size. Furthermore, as the decoration can heat up, it is best to let it cool off for around 30 minutes before touching it.

Is it hard to install a bioethanol fireplace?

To sum it up: Not at all. In fact, it is very easy. All that needs to be done is to read the manual carefully and choose an appropriate place within your home. That is all it takes. If you desire a more authentic feeling or only want to upgrade your stunning bioethanol fireplace, you can opt for some extra decorations. But that is all up to you and your taste to create the perfect design for your home.

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