How to Choose the Right House Sign

A house sign is never a legal requirement, but it is something that can put your property at lesser risk. It plays a vital role in times of delivery issues or even during emergencies making it easier to find your location. Moreover, house signs will make your facade look more welcoming and good-looking. It has a variety of designs containing the home’s name and number, hence your property will have a perfect final look.

In this post, you will learn how to pick a house sign ideal for your property and budget. There are a lot of factors to consider when looking for house signs, which include:


House signs must be noticeable even from a distance. So, the first thing you should consider is knowing the right position for the house sign. Most homeowners choose to place a house sign right on the wall, but this won’t be a good idea at all times. The alternative would be on the gatepost or freestanding wall. Just make sure to find a spot without any obstruction, like plants and trees to view the house sign clearly. 

The size of the house sign should be balanced with the property itself. Therefore, you must buy bigger options to ensure you are getting the right house sign. Lighting is also essential to enhance the visibility of a house sign, especially in low-light conditions. 


In addition to that, house signs are sold in various sizes, depending on every home facade. You also need to consider the features around the property in choosing the right house sign. Examples are lamp posts, cables, and even driveways. Do they have an impact on the sign’s overall appeal?

One thing that you can do to obtain the right size of the sign for your home is to make measurements. Get a piece of paper and then cut it to fit on the desired place where the sign must be installed. Think of the most suitable fonts which you think will look good and continue with the measurements. 

See whether the house sign looks good at every angle. If not, you can make adjustments until you reach the desired house sign position. It should be clear and easy to read at all angles and far distances. 


House signs not only differ in size but are also available in various shapes. The most common house sign shape would be square or oblong. However, it depends on what shape will suit your home. There are simple and complex shapes you can choose from, but the latter would be the best choice. 


It is easier for a graphic designer to pick appropriate font styles that will look good for a house sign. There are many options and also rules in choosing fonts. It is either serif or sans serif, depending on your home facade. 

Under such fonts is a wide range of choices that give off different vibes. Times New Roman, Arial, and Helvetica are just a few examples. 

It also depends on the overall design of your home. For instance, you are living in an artsy house, then the font choice must not be plain, like Arial. You should go for fancy fonts as well to match the facade. 

The experts recommend non-italic fonts for better visibility from a distance. It should not also be too slim making it easier to read at any angle. 

Different House Sign Ideas That You Can Consider 

The above factors are important to know before you proceed to the next step. Perhaps you are overwhelmed by the numerous house signs the market offers. So, below are some good suggestions for a house sign that may suit your property. 

Engraved House Signs

This house sign is made of wood that has engraved lettering. It is ideal for ordinary houses that are built with slate to make them more elegant. It also works best with different fonts but chooses contrasting colors for visibility. Lastly, engraved signs are better than printed ones on the way they look. 

Etched Lettering House Signs

It uses a silver metal, may it be aluminum or stainless steel. This looks good for modern houses, with the same idea as Rose Cottage. You can also add up images on the house sign, like flowers or anything in connection to your interests. 

Choose simple fonts that could suit etched lettering skills. Also, dark colors are recommended to make it look bolder. 

Contemporary House Signs 

This type of house sign utilizes natural materials, such as limestone or oak. It differs from engraved house signs though it appears almost the same. The numbers and letters look bolder from the surface. It could be hanging on the wall or freestanding, depending on your choice. 

Laser Cut House Signs 

Cut-out house signs are best for larger properties with their very visible design. These are long-lasting and usually made of metal bars. 

Best House Sign Provider Online 

Before deciding to buy a house sign, gather some options from Pinterest so you could have ideas. It is much better to seek professional advice not to waste money on selecting a house sign. 

Welsh Slate House Signs can offer quality signs perfect for a variety of settings. They provide many house sign sizes and styles that are most suitable for your home and are easy to install. The materials used are weatherproof, thus a perfect choice for any setting. Customizing your house signs is also possible with the said company. 

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