Family Fun: 7 Modern Essentials for Creating a Joyful and Functional Home

A meaningful home is more important than perfection. I believe in creating a personal sanctuary that fosters meaningful living. Simplifying life and cherishing wonderful experiences and people enable us to find fulfillment and share joy with others. Coming home to a clutter-free, inspiring, and stress-free house is essential for embracing this way of living. Here we understand not only how to make your room look better, but also how to make the whole house more technologically advanced, perfect and comfortable.

#1 Start with Getting Organised

Whether you like it or not, a cleaner and more organised house will surely bring you immense joy – experience stress-free living where each aspect of your day and life seamlessly aligns with the next. Enjoy a hazard-free environment that keeps your toes and body in prime condition. No need to go full Spartan; instead, find your own order among the chaos of ideas and possessions that fill your home.

#2 TV Zone at Home

Anyone, even a fancy modern house, cannot do without a TV zone. This is the place where you will spend a lot of time with your family watching shows, series, and movies. Of course, you need a Smart TV for this task, good acoustics, and comfortable sofas and armchairs. If your TV is outdated, you can simply connect Apple TV to it and it will be able to perform any Smart tasks.

There is a caveat – many streaming services heavily restrict access to content based on location. There is also a solution and this is a VPN service for Apple TV, although there are versions for other platforms. You can read more about how to use VPN on Apple TV from the link above. If you have a good VPN, which for us is VeePN, then you can unblock any movie or TV series. It doesn’t matter at all where you actually are because you can switch between 2500 VPN servers and thereby change your virtual region.

#3 Take Care of Lighting

Open your windows and give them a thorough cleaning. Hang any drapes or curtains outside of the window frames to allow for full opening during the day. Experience the uplifting energy from the sun as you open them up. Also, think about painting your walls white to create brighter spaces and ensure that sunlight spreads throughout. Remember to add sufficient ambient and task lighting for dark days and evenings.

#4 Work on Color Balance In Your Room

Choosing the right colours for your home can significantly impact your mood. Hence, it’s crucial to make careful selections. Generally, warm colours uplift and evoke cosyness, while cool colours promote calmness and relaxation. Here’s a handy guide to help you decorate your home with the right colours:

  • Create a sense of tranquility with blue and green.
  • Infuse fun and happiness with yellow.
  • Add energy and engagement with red and orange.
  • Achieve a modern, clean feel with white and gray.

#5 Replace Hardware

Updating furniture can be both easy and incredibly affordable. One quick and inexpensive update that can make a huge impact is replacing handles. The conventional chrome finish that we’ve been accustomed to for so long is being replaced by black hardware, while gold or brass-coloured hardware has made a real comeback and is trendy. Additionally, the addition of a rich brass or worn antique handle can bring depth and warmth to your furniture, and stone knobs can provide great texture.

For the kitchen, consider changing to more tactile handles, or add a new towel bar in your bathroom that coordinates with your existing drawers. You can find pulls for as little as $5, or try checking social media marketplaces where you might even find some for free.

#6 Add Plants

Bringing nature into your home can enhance its liveliness and happiness, whether through a bouquet of fresh flowers or a lovely planter with your favorite plant. You can even explore growing your own herbs for cooking or cultivating succulents if you’re not the best with plants. Moreover, plants offer numerous health benefits, such as improving air quality, reducing stress, and boosting productivity and creativity.

#7 Invest in Underfloor Heating

Luxurious homes prioritise comfort by ensuring a pleasant temperature. Many spaces tend to feel cold and uncomfortable, but you can address this by installing underfloor heating and insulation on your ground floor. This not only provides a cosy ambiance but also creates more space and enhances the visual appeal of your living area, making it easier to arrange furniture.

You have the option to retrofit underfloor heating to expand your central heating system and replace radiators. The cost typically ranges from $60-100 per square meter, depending on your existing flooring. If your roof and walls are not yet insulated, it would be beneficial to consider upgrading them as well, especially if you aim to achieve optimal thermal efficiency throughout your home.


To make a home practical, technologically advanced and comfortable, you need to put in a lot of effort. However, with proper planning, you can achieve this goal gradually. Start with higher priority or simpler tasks and gradually move through the list above. Also keep in mind that underfloor heating technology must be installed as early as possible, otherwise you will end up ruining your newly installed flooring.

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