Considerations When Choosing the Perfect Fencing for Your School

School Fencing
School Fencing

Whether you’re setting up a new school building or are simply replacing old fences and perimeters around your premises, there are always going to be things to consider when looking into fencing for schools. What type of fencing for school buildings and playgrounds are likely to work best for you in the long run? It’s likely to be a more in-depth process than you might otherwise imagine.

Therefore, let’s take some time to explore the key factors around school fencing that you might not have already considered. Before you go ahead and invest in any kind of school fences, be sure to read through the following and start comparing and contrasting leading options locally.

Choose the Right Look

It might not seem too important when you first start looking into school fencing but looks can mean a lot to the overall aesthetic of your school. Do you have school colours and shades? It’s likely you’re going to want or need a fencing system which blends in with your existing look.

Therefore, consider school fences which are either easy to paint, or which arrive in a range of colours that you can use to your advantage. What’s more, you want your school to look like a school – not like a prison! Choose a system that’s protective, but not threatening or too imposing.

Choose Anti-Vandalism Options

You’re not only going to need a fencing system that’s going to keep people from getting in, but also a school fence that’s going to stop wayward students from going AWOL. Unfortunately, kids will be kids, and this means that the type of fencing for school grounds you ultimately choose should protect against unwarranted access in and out, as well as vandalism.

You can invest in fencing for schools which arrive in anti-vandal paint, for example, meaning that scrubbing off graffiti or repairing damage is never a hassle. This means, too, that any wayward pupils are going to find it less appealing to keep attacking your perimeter in the long run!

Set Up Security All-Around

While fencing for schools is designed and built to be extremely protective as standard, you shouldn’t just rely on a fence or two to protect your pupils and staff. Therefore, you must think about setting up a school fence system that complements existing security features, not one which outright replaces these services.

For example, you should think about setting up a gating and smart locking system around your fences and perimeter which people can easily access if they have the right to. Ultimately, you’re going to need to keep your school fencing accessible, even when trying to protect your establishment as much as possible.

Choose a Leading Provider

Of course, the best thing you can do when it comes to setting up any type of fencing for schools is to partner with a company with a proven track record such as the team at Warefence. Invest in expertise – not just the fencing itself! 

Thank you for reading our blog post. If you would like to find out more about school fencing or are looking to get some new fencing at your school, then get in contact with Warefence on 01993 845 279. Alternatively, visit their contact page to send a message.

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