5 Bedroom design trends taking off

Whatever the size of your bedroom, it is the place you head to relax, switch off and get comfortable which is why this year’s top trends are all about feeling good. If you’re ready to create your own feel-good sanctuary, pour yourself a cuppa and take a read. From nature-inspired décor, calm lighting and bedding to help you sleep better, here are five- bedroom DM design trends taking off in 2022 that will have you falling in love with bedtime.

Natural Bliss

One thing we can all agree on having spent more time at home last year is the calming effects of nature. At times we haven’t been able to get out doors, house plants have allowed us to bring the outside in and this is a bedroom design trend that isn’t going anywhere. Plants add a splash of nature along with providing heaps of health benefits. House plants can reduce carbon dioxide in your room for cleaner air. Explore the garden! English Ivy gives a touch of green style while calming lavender can soothe your mind and help you sleep. Natural Bliss. 

Personal Colours

Choosing what to paint your walls can transform the feel of your bedroom. While before many have hopped on trends to wake up thinking ‘uh-oh’ this year it’s all about doing it your way. Choose the colours that make you feel good.  Pay attention to places you feel relaxed, what is it about the tones and textures that inspire your inner-zen? Do you prefer clean, cool white or warming cremes? Making a mood board of your favourite shades is a great idea before you get painting. Remember there is a whole rainbow of opportunity to add colour to your room beyond paint. From artwork to bright curtains. Whether it’s a new build or decorating an old grade 2 listed building, get creative and make your own personal sanctuary, just be sure to add a splash of you!

Calming Candles

Unwinding is something many of us struggle with. Working from home can make it hard to maintain balance while too much screen time can mess up your sleep. Design your bedroom to be a place that you can truly disconnect from the stresses of the day and relax. The candle trend is very much burning bright in 2022. The calm, flickering lights are the perfect way to get yourself set for a good night’s rest. From musky vanilla, warming cinnamon to fresh limes, pop your favourite on your bedside table and keep bedtime smelling sweet. Breathe, read and relax. 

Kind Bedding 

The most important part of any bedroom? Bed! Make this the year you customise it to be the ultimate comfort zone. Being kind to yourself starts with regular, good sleep. Make sure you have the perfect pillow to fit your sleeping position, this can make a big difference to the quality of your rest. Be sure to choose one that keeps your spine and neck in alignment and jazz it up with soft, silky pillow cases. Looking for ways to go green in 2022? Look out for planet-friendly fabrics like bamboo, which not only feel wonderful. They are far better for our world. Making small efforts to be more sustainable is something we can all play a part in. As being a planet hero is always on trend. 

Mix and Match

When it comes to everything from furniture to colours, this year is all about mix and match. You do not need to stick to a single theme. A bright green rug with a funky blue armchair? Why not? Feel free to play around and experiment with décor and find what works for you. Even nightstands do not have to be the same, choosing different varieties can still compliment each other and the surrounding design while adding a bit more personality. Though before you get shopping, take a look at what you are no longer using. This will allow you to really make the most of your space. Getting rid of what is just taking up storage will using it will lighten your mind and the feel of your bedroom. When it comes to feeling good, sometimes less really is more.

When choosing how to style out your bedroom in 2022, remember to do research on professional websites like DM Design, as it is more than just a place to store your clothes, books and furniture. It is a place you recharge and reset for your day, so above all we make it somewhere you can relax and love to be.

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