Gutter Protection – Why is it important?

Rain gutters are an essential, but often overlooked feature of our homes. A good quality guttering system will help to protect our roofs, windows and doors, and even our home’s foundation. In contrast, a poor guttering system could result in damage to these important attributes. This could range from minor cosmetic damage, to serious issues that are costly and more difficult to treat. In order for guttering to do its job, which is essentially to channel rainwater, it is crucial that we don’t neglect our gutters; even the most high quality guttering systems can fail if they’re neglected.

Invest in proper protection

Taking care of your guttering needn’t be complicated or time consuming. Gutter protectors work year round to keep your guttering system running smoothly. There are various types of gutter protection on the market, ranging from porcupine gutter brushes, to mesh and plastic gutter protection. Most popular guttering manufacturers such as brett martin guttering, specifically design gutter protection, with their own guttering systems in mind. If you can get your hands on gutter protection made by your guttering manufacturer, then we suggest opting for this; however if you can’t, gutter protection from most trusted manufacturers should be fine.

What does Gutter protection do?

* Keeps out rodents and pests

Unfortunately, Guttering makes it easy for rodents like rats and mice to access our attics, while birds see guttering as a great place to make their nests. Gutter protection systems make it difficult for wildlife to nest in and climb across drainpipes, and keeps rodent problems at bay.

Prevents the collection of leaves and debris

Over time organic materials like twigs and leaves begin to collect in our gutters, thus preventing proper drainage of rainwater and forcing it to channel elsewhere or overflow. This can result in roof damage, roof leaks, water stains on walls, damage to our windows and doors, and damage to the ground below!

* Prevents Ice damage

Gutter protection makes it very difficult for ice to form during sub zero temperatures, ice can be damaging to our guttering system as trapped water causes gutters to expand, resulting in cracks over time and in turn shortening the lifespan of our gutters. Frozen water can also cause blockage of essential water channels, again making it easy for water to channel where we don’t want it, and overflow.

* Low maintenance

Gutter guards work all year round so you don’t have to. You will not need to clean or perform repairs on your gutters as often as you would on non protected guttering.