How to soundproof your home with creative home decor ideas

When you are decorating your living space, you might tend to forget about soundproofing it. However, there are a lot of creative ways in which you can efficiently use home decor to soundproof your home. Your home is the place you are entitled to feel peaceful and the unnecessary noise does not have to get in the way.

Be it a creeping sound or the disturbing sound from the outdoors, noise certainly makes us feel tenser than we realise. A quiet home is welcoming and you can make it soundproof using some amazing and creative home decor ideas. Here are some cheap ideas for home decor that you can use to soundproof your home.

Add rugs to touch floors

Sound bounces off any hard surface that it can find and this might contribute to noise. Wooden floors, as well as open spaces, are the areas wherein sound can reverberate and echo. To reduce the sound, all that you have to do is to add some good quality rugs to the wooden floor.

You can also go for carpets, but the beauty of installing rugs is that they are less permanent and you can change them with time. Thus, they are also more cost effective and also helps you to get the job done. You can add rugs to your floor for using as sound absorbers. Any type of sound will not be reflected resulting in noise reduction.

Invest in quality curtains

Quality curtains not only help you in adding to the aesthetic appeal of your abode but also act as good sound absorbers. Curtains that are made with a thick material such as velvet, wool or a tightly woven fabric act as a good sound absorber.

They absorb the sound from outside and also reduce the extra sound that comes from outside. To make it even more effective, you can hang the curtains high and let them drop on the floor. Curtains made with thick materials are way more efficient.

Showcase your book collection

Did you know that adding more furniture does wonders when it comes to soundproofing? That’s tight! You can add a book collection in your apartment or house to soundproof your space. Not only does it absorb sound but it also gives your living space a gorgeous look.

You can very well utilise all the extra space that is there between the floor and ceiling using a book collection. You can also choose to put decorative wall art as an alternative and it will work similarly.

Opt for furnishings that are soft

If you are going to buy new furniture, then you can go for furnishings that are soft. You can switch to soft furniture wherever you can. However, you cannot get rid of your old stuff, but you can definitely modify them and augment them with furnishings that are soft.

Since noise reverberates off the hard surfaces, you should consider soft furnishings that will immensely reduce the noise. For instance, if you are going to buy furniture, then you can opt for an upholstered bench instead of going for a hard coffee table.

Buy a rug pad

While thick rugs work just fine, when you add a rug pad underneath it, it works even better. Buy a thick rug pad that you can use under the rug and see the difference for yourself. It will also help when you have to move your furniture around.

If you do not wish to go for rug pads then you can opt for multiple rugs that you can pile up on each other to achieve your desired style. For instance, you can layer a geometric weave rug on a sisal area rug to make it look stunning and act as a soundproof.

Use as many pillows as you can

This is yet another simple tip that will tremendously help you in reducing the noise while increasing the style quotient of your space. You can invest in pillows that can be used in your living room as well as the bedroom. Use as many pillows as you can to absorb the noise.

The material of the pillow is also an important factor to consider and you should opt for pillows that are fluffier and bigger than normal ones. They will be optimum for reducing the noise. Pillows also add a fresh look to your decor and you can add in some decorative covers for them in order to make them look great.

Soundproofing paint

You can effectively reduce the noise by using soundproofing paint in your apartment or house. If you are going to repaint your house soon enough then go for the paint that is specially designed to soundproof your place.

This type of paint might be a little costly but it will be worth investing in the long term. With soundproofing paint in place, you will not have to worry much about the sound reverberating as it will be absorbed by the walls.

Soundproofing wallpapers

You can also opt for soundproofing wallpapers that you can specifically put in the rooms of your apartment which require it the most. The soundproof wallpapers are designed to absorb all the noise and so it is a great way of soundproofing your space.

However, check with your budget before you invest in soundproofing wallpapers as you might want to go for other viable options if you are staying in a rented apartment. But in case you are staying in an apartment that is your own, then you go for long-term solutions like this.

Thus, with the help of the tips mentioned above, you can soundproof your apartment. These creative ideas for home decor can prove really beneficial and you can see the results for yourself. While implementing the options, you should carefully take your budget into consideration.

The decor you choose also depends on whether you own the apartment or are staying in a rented space. This is because you cannot make significant changes to the apartment if it is a rented one. So, you can evaluate your options and then choose the soundproofing decor you want to go for.


Giving The Inside Of Your Home A Makeover

If you have not decorated or updated the interior of your home in a while, it can start to look tired and dreary after a while. There are many things that you can go to counter this, and below are some ideas that will help you turn your home into a vibrant and inviting place once more.  

Add Some New Furniture 

One of the easiest ways that you can transform your home is the addition of new furniture. You do not have to do your entire home all in one go and can update the furniture one room at a time, which will also mean you do not have to break the bank. You may wish to choose some Art Deco bedroom furniture for one of the bedrooms or go with something more modern and contemporary. Changing the furniture in your home is one of the least disruptive ways that you can transform it with as little hassle as possible.  

Decorate Your Home 

Another way that you can transform the inside of your home is to decorate either with wallpaper or paint and breathe new life into the rooms. If you are not going to change the furniture, you will need to choose a colour scheme that is going to match the furniture and the flooring. You can do this one room at a time and ensure there is not too much disruption. You can choose to decorate your home yourself, although if you are not very good at decorating and DIY, you can also choose to employ the services of a professional who will be able to do the job very quickly. The price for this can vary, so it will all come down to the budget that you have available. 

Change The Flooring 

You can also change the flooring in your home which is another way to give it a new lease of life and improve the aesthetics of the interior of your house. There are many different options available to you as you can choose from a wide variety of different carpeting, as well as other materials such as vinyl flooring, or you can also decide to install wooden floors. The best choice is going to be determined by your taste, budget, and the state of the floor underneath. If your floors are uneven, then wooden flooring may not be the best option. Again, if you have the skills and time, this is something that you can do yourself. Alternatively, you can employ the services of a professional flooring company and have them transform your home in no time at all. 

You can also get plenty of more advice on transforming your home by searching for related articles online. 

A Combination Of The Above 

If you have the budget and the time, you can also choose all the above which will go a long way in transforming your home and make you feel as if you have a new house entirely. Using a combination of the above methods will have your home transformed into the envy of your neighbours.  

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Things That People Should Consider for Home Buying


When acquiring a home, first home buyers must know a few important things, which could help them make the best choice. No matter if you want to buy a new house, or an old one, there are certain aspects that may be important, such as design, number of rooms, location, size, floor plan, neighborhood, etc. The neighborhood and location can be the first things to look at, because the other ones can be changed.

What You Should Know Before Acquisition

Visit the Desired Home

You surely saw the house of your dreams in a newspaper or on the Internet. First, home buyers must visit the house, because nothing can compare with seeing the real thing.

Do Not Judge the Home According to Its Exterior

Before you purchase anything, doing some research is crucial. From the multitude of types of homes and prices, you must choose the one that suits your style and budget. Getting a loan may be a good approach for obtaining the money for acquisition. Buying a house can be a great responsibility, so talking to a lawyer may be the right approach.

Have a Plan B

In the case in which the seller may not want to sell the house to you, or a problem occurs, you should be prepared to leave the current offer and find another. If an inspection finds something wrong, you must be prepared to evaluate the situation and decide if it is worth or not.

The Factors that Matter the Most


Location can be important because you may want to be close to your workplace and far from areas full of noise. Later after acquisition, you may want to check some home improvement options, as they could be great for raising the value of your house, but also for having a better design. Access to parks, parking lots, schools, stores, or public transportation can also matter. If the location is on a hill, it can be good for it to have a perspective view.


You can have the nicest house and you may not be happy, because the neighborhood must also be nice. If neighbors do not keep their yards clean, or they are not friendly, things can be unpleasant for someone who just moves in.


The design of your future house must reflect your desired lifestyle. Both, exterior and interior options can be important. Brick homes can be easier when it comes to maintenance, but they can be more vulnerable in case of earthquakes. The side-walks that lead to your future home should be safe. Also, if you acquire an older house, the roof must be verified to be in good condition.

Size and Floor Plan

When size is involved, you just have to be practical. It may be useless to buy a home that has more bedrooms and bathrooms that you need. It can be more expensive and the investment may not be justified in time. If you need space for offices, art, or crafting, this may worth your investment, because these can help you improve your revenue.


Interior Trends To Look Out For In 2013

Every year new styles and trends appear, not just in the fashion world but also in the interior design one. Leaving behind the festivities of Christmas and New Year can make January a dull month, but it is the perfect time to get inspired to make some changes to your home. If your resolution this year is to make a change to at least one room in your home, make sure to stick to it as the end result will be well worth it!

Professionals in this area will come together and look for colours, patterns and styles that will dominate the next 12 months. 2013 looks to be bringing a sense of calm to the year, this is reflected hugely in the colour palette that is set to be popular, which will consist of various neutral colours. Experts were heading towards a sense of calm with the colours in 2012 but it has properly arrived this year with beige, creams, browns and greys being the main choices. Whilst some may think these sound lacklustre, they create a sophisticated look and match well with a whole host of other colours. As well as the subtle hues, lemon sorbet is set to be the colour of the year so you will find pops of colour that will match these calmer tones.

Colour adds life to all interior design items and will be reflected in everything from carpet to wallpaper to sofas to lamp shades and more. When it comes to picking flooring and paint, sticking to the neutral palette will create a fresh look within the room and make it appear brighter. Once choosing a cream, brown or grey shade as a base, 2013 is still a time to inject some life into what appears fully calm, by introducing a pop of bold colour. Lime greens, hot pinks and bright oranges are the big colours this year.

It is all about using these bright shades cleverly, so whilst keeping the majority of the room clean and fresh, bring in the bold choices for example with small cushions and vases in the living room and with utensils and tea towels in the kitchen. It will also be helpful if you decide to have a feature wall in the room, picking something with a neutral background that also features the bright colours in a retro or floral pattern on top.

Some other popular trends to watch out for are the addition of gold finishes, graphic wallpaper, grouped mirrors and more. Creating mood boards of your favourite trends will be a great way to combine what is on trend with your personal tastes, and give you a better idea of what you need to go shopping for.


Design A Modern Outdoor Kitchen Space

Having an outdoor kitchen space is a wonderful luxury. A well-planned space can give you a relaxing place to spend time outdoors year-round. For a lover of modern design, outdoor kitchens are especially wonderful. This style makes it easy to incorporate kitchen features than make the most of your patio space.

Plan an Open Layout        

Unlike more traditional homes, modern homes often feature an open floor plan. While this can be great in any room of the home, it is especially beneficial to the kitchen. Breaking down room barriers in the kitchen space allows easy combining of a cooking, eating, and sitting area. When you are considering an outdoor space, which often means a patio, this is perfect.

Create a Kitchen Space and Seating Area

When designing an outdoor kitchen, it is important to remember that this is your patio, too. Think of the design as you would an indoor living space. A sitting and eating area near the cooking space always increases the space’s enjoyment. Outdoor couches allow you to relax outside anytime of the day – whether you are cooking or not. Building your stove and grill into a countertop that doubles as a kitchen island will give you the option to place barstools on the opposite side. These give you more seating and eating space.

Use Industrial Flooring

Popular modern flooring options range from wood planking laid in a contemporary style to the eco-friendly cork. While these are great, industrial floors are, perhaps, the most common floors to find. Concrete slabs or stark slate tiling is a beautiful material for your outdoor kitchen. The contrast it creates with the green space of your yard is strikingly beautiful. Additionally, it’s wonderful for the actual kitchen because it cleans easily, unlike a typical wooden patio that might stain from kitchen spills.

Include a Fireplace in the Seating Area

Fireplaces are common features in modern patios, and they are always included in unique ways. A fireplace is a great idea because it provides an additional cooking space – think cast iron or even s’mores – and it is an interesting focal point for a patio. Additionally, a fire allows you to enjoy the outdoor kitchen even in the colder months. Avoid the typical fireplace with chimney and instead choose an interesting fireplace that can be a centerpiece for your seating area. A fireplace in a large bowl or a fire build into your concrete will look attractive.


Terry Carter writes about landscaping and gardening for Grandview Landscape and Masonry

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5 Housing Decoration Trends That Will NEVER Go Out Of Style

Being on trend is all well and good. Keeping up with the times is a lovely status symbol. But sometimes it’s just impossible to afford to remodel your home for every passing trend. Sometimes it’s necessary to deck your home out in a timeless style. I like to check out local real estate – Epping is my new fab find – to take a peek at the décor. Is it trendy or timeless? What ideas can I steal? Some homes know how to toe the line between on trend and classic styling. And some don’t. Here are some that will never go out of style.

Classic kitchen cabinets

White kitchen cabinets will always be on trend. Red may be a colour that really pops this season, but that doesn’t mean that it will stay in. Fads change, but white – white is the go-to colour for any decorating scheme: white and the smell of eucalypt. Bliss!

Hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring is as chic as ever. Carpet colours and patterned tile flooring never stay in season, but quality hardwood flooring adds real character to your home without ever being daggy.

Hardwood flooring

Books, books, books

And what about the smaller things? The little things? Having a wooden bookcase full of books will never go out of style. Neither will having plants and flowers scattered around the house. They add some real colour and vivacity to any room. Try and pick timeless books to show off on your shelves, as well as the latest bestsellers. Anything goes really, as long as everything is displayed and arranged neatly (cluttered bookshelves are a big no no). Always pick in season flowers, ones that look beautiful and will last more than just an evening.

Unique antiques

Classy antiques and beautiful art pieces are never dated. Make sure, however, that they fit with the overall look and feel of your room. Don’t pair grandma’s old wooden dresser with new, sleek Ikea furniture. It’s just not a good look. Instead pick up furniture that matches well.

Your personal taste

Putting together pieces that you like will always be on trend, because it’s really important that you know what works best for you and is really functional. You can make disparate items work if they share a common thread, like a common colour or texture.

Keep these tips in mind, and be prepared for all your friends to compliment you on your retro-chic interior decorations and you can smile to yourself with the knowledge that your home is classic and timeless. It’ll still look as charming as ever in twenty years’ time.

Author bio: Lena Perry has a little bit of real estate. Epping is where she can bask in the smell of eucalypt.