What’s The Best Material For Cladding?

When you choose your cladding material, you will be presented with a lot of different options. There are many things to take into consideration, such as the materials used in your home, the appearance of your home and its location. Some materials are better suited to a warmer climate and some will protect your house better if you live somewhere cold. Here’s a list of the different materials used for cladding and their benefits.

Vinyl Cladding
This is a very common choice and is effective at both keeping the heat out of your house in summer and warming your house in winter. You can also find vinyl cladding products that have been made to improve insulation, these help in both warm and cold climates. Vinyl is a good choice, since it’s hard to scratch or dent but it cracks easily if you live somewhere that comes into contact with salty air or somewhere hot. Vinyl is the cheapest option – both to buy and install.

Metal Cladding
The advantage of choosing metal cladding over other materials is that it’s very durable and can be easily maintained with paint every so often. You don’t have the same risks as using vinyl cladding if you’re in an area close to the ocean with salty air, or in a warm area. If you already have cladding installed, it is possible to cover it with metal cladding to save time and costs on removal.

Wood Cladding
Wood cladding isn’t the best choice for insulation, especially since it’s not fire resistant. It needs a lot of upkeep and will have to be replaced sooner than other types of cladding. It can be costly to maintain wood cladding, since it warps easily. It is also expensive to install and needs to be cut to size.

Stucco/Rendered Cladding
This is the best choice for cladding, especially in a warm location, since it keeps cool air inside and the sun out. This is very thick cladding, so it’s incredibly durable if it’s looked after properly. It is the most expensive option available and will cost a lot to install. But if you need high quality cladding that will last for a long time, then this is the best option for you.

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