What is the UK’s Green Deal? [Guest Post]

The United Kingdom is on the cusp of launching its much lauded Green Deal scheme that will allow people to access low interest loans in order to get energy efficient home improvements. The bill is slated to start on October of 2012, but is unlikely to be fully operational until sometime in 2013. It is argued that the scheme will help reduce energy costs and make homes more energy efficient and this will no doubt help the increasing amount people who live in the UK who are under considerable debt thanks to high energy costs. In a nutshell, the Green Deal will provide access to low interest loans that will in turn lead to professional home improvements and therefore assist people to get out of energy debt.

How it will work

When the program starts, a Green Deal advisor will visit a property and carry out an inspection. The advisor will then decide what energy appropriate measures need to be taken. After the advisor approves the work they will report to a Green Deal Provider who will determine the loan amount required. Once that is finalized a Green Deal Installer will make the necessary energy improvements to the home. Elements available for  improvements and upgrades include cavity wall insulation, loft insulation, heat pump installation and external wall insulation, among others. These measures will essentially improve a building’s energy efficiency which will eventually result in lower energy bills. The UK hopes that several million homes will participate in this “energy revolution”.

In October 2012 the Green Deal will come into play and the DECC has made a list available which details the first group of Green Deal providers.  Currently numbering twenty-two in total, the list includes various well known brands such as B&Q.

Ultimately, and despite a number of reservations surrounding the scheme, the Green Deal will undoubtedly be a good thing for homeowners in the UK. Getting a home energy efficient will lower utility bills and of course ensure that it stays warm in those colder months. Taking external wall insulation as an example, the Green Deal will even improve the appearance of a home in addition to ensuring that the occupiers stay toasty in winter and save pounds on their bank balance!

With new innovations emerging on a regular basis (e.g. Jablite’s Dynamic Cavity), it’s reasonable to believe that insulation has a key role to play in the preservation of our environment. While extra money in our bank account and an extra degree of heat in our homes is all well and good, the world we live in is impossible value and being able to say we helped to ensure its survival is priceless.

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