Use a home alarm to improve the security of your home

siren on wallThe daily pressures of work and family life make it easy to overlook the importance of home security.  However, with summer here, the peak holiday season is now in full swing, making the security of your home something that should not be overlooked

Burglars are opportunistic, they look for easy ways to get in to a home that won’t take long or arouse attention.   Summer holidays mean families are often away from their property for a substantial duration of time, and therefore homeowners must be increasingly diligent at this time of year.

A home alarm system can be a highly effective deterrent; 60% of burglars say they would be discouraged from targeting a house if they knew it had a home alarm system.

With all this in mind, Yale has developed range of alarms for all properties.  The Yale Easy Fit Alarm can be fitted by anyone with a basic DIY competence and the SmartHome Alarm system must be fitted by a professional.

Here are some useful statistics that really highlight the benefits of installing a home alarm:

  • Burglars will tend to bypass houses that require effort
  • A house without an alarm is 2-3 times more likely to be burgled
  • 60% of burglaries on homes with alarm systems failed
  • 85% of police officials surveyed believe alarms deter burglars

The benefits of a home alarm are obvious, but what else can homeowners do to improve the security of their property:

Don’t leave valuables in easy view of passers by

78% of homeowners leave valuables in easy view of passers by.  This will attract potential burglars to your home as they know there it something valuable to be stolen.  The most commonly stolen goods in burglaries include money, electrical products, computers, jewellery and mobile phones.

Don’t hide a spare key in doorways

52% of homeowners make the common mistake of hiding keys by doorways.  Burglars will always think to check in places such as under plant pots or doormats, so make sure any spare keys are well hidden, or avoid this at all if possible.

Don’t post your whereabouts on social media

54% of homeowners will post their whereabouts on social media.  This can draw attention to the fact that your property will be empty, and this could make it a target for potential burglars.

These are all simple tips, but if you would like more information on keeping your property safe, visit the Yale website – the UK’s most trusted home security experts.

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