Update Your Homes Style with Contemporary Modern Lighting

If your home decor is looking a bit antiquated, it’s time to update your look by adding contemporary lighting to your interior design scheme. Contemporary lighting can include trendy additions such as pendant lighting, multi-tiered torchiere floor lamps and stylish, sleek chandeliers and mini chandeliers, all of which come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors to match your existing decor.

Pendant Lighting

One of the hottest trends in contemporary design, pendant lights are fixtures that hang from the ceiling and are supported by a chain, a cord or a metal rod. Pendant light fixtures are often designed to feature multiple light shades which are typically constructed of glass, acrylic or fabric, but can also be made of wood and other unusual materials.

Pendant lights can be used for both ambient and task lighting, and come in a variety of trendy, contemporary designs. Some pendant lights are artistically created as functional show-pieces for your room, and can resemble pieces of custom-made sculpture.


When you think of chandeliers, you may automatically picture a huge ornate fixture hung heavily with crystal pendants and worthy of gracing the foyer of a stately manor house. Today’s chandeliers, however, are anything but stately and formal. They can be as casual, glamorous, funky and trendy as you want them to be. For a custom designed look, try a chandelier that’s hung with acrylic disks in shades of white, silver or gold. For a casual effect, consider a wicker or a wrought iron chandelier for your living room or den.


Lighting fixtures don’t all have to be suspended from the walls and ceiling. Multi-tiered torchiere floor lamps add a contemporary touch to any design scheme, and come in a wide variety of colors and styles. For a modern, Art Deco-influenced look, try a torchiere with shades of Lalique-inspired frosted glass, or a black and white torchiere with rectangular shades. For a bit of drama, consider a sculpture-like torchiere with hanging round glass balls. Likewise, you can bring in a hint of nostalgia with a 1950s-inspired torchiere made up of colorful cone-shaped lampshades in bright colors.

Globe Lights

Globe-shaped glass lighting shades are a hugely popular design trend and are used in pendant lighting, chandeliers and torchiere floor lamps. These round glass shades come in all sizes and colors, from clear and frosted glass to blue, red, pink, yellow, purple, green and even black. For task lighting, try using a clear glass globe for maximum light concentration.

Task and Ambient Lighting

Many contemporary light fixtures can be used for both task and ambient lighting. You can also combine a mix of task and ambient lighting by installing several ambient light fixtures near your main source of task lighting; just make sure that your task light has a dimmer switch so that you can bring the lights down to create a bit of atmospheric mood lighting for your room.

By simply updating your lighting fixtures, you’ll be able to achieve the look of an entire room make-over. For maximum energy efficiency, just remember to choose fixtures that use quality LED, CFL and other types of energy-efficient bulbs. You’ll be amazed at how fresh and modern your room will suddenly look thanks to the addition of a few contemporary floor lamps and light fixtures.

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