Top 5 Small Bathroom Design Ideas For Your Home

We all spend a lot more time in the bathroom than you would expect. The combination of showering, bathing, moisturising and shaving all contribute to men and women spending between 23 – 29 minutes within the bathroom each day. Add this up over a lifetime and you find that we spend nearly 456 days of our lives in this one part of the home. 

Just take a minute and imagine what it would be like to arrive home after a long and gruelling day in the office and within seconds you have a warm bath running and the mood lighting to match, its time for you to settle into the evening and enjoy the comforts of your bathroom. What better way to upgrade your home than with a bathroom renovations in bristol.

In this blog post, we will be discussing a few of the main bathroom design ideas that lend themself perfectly to homes with limited space. 

Simplistic Family Wetroom 

Utilising space is key when you only have a small bathroom, with very little space for different bathroom fittings its can pay off to chose a wetroom over a traditional bathroom design. Wetrooms work perfectly to small bathrooms as you are truly making the most out of every inch of space. Instead of the shower taking up lots of space a simple showerhead can be fitted which means you have endless space when using the shower. When the shower is not in operation you have the full width of the room for getting ready.

Blacked Out Bathroom Finish 

One of the latest trends amongst homeowners throughout the UK is blacked out bathrooms. The use of black tiles, dark coloured walls and bright LED lights create a contemporary finish that creates that wow factor every time you enter the room. Understandably this is not a bathroom design for everyone but if you looking for something a little outside the box which is not only going to be highly functional but extremely stylish for many years to come, this is the design for you. 

Classic Japanese Decor

Looking for an oriental bathroom design which helps you completely switch off from the stress of everyday life and let’s sink into a world of relaxation, a Japanese bathroom design is a right idea for you. The contrast between bright bathroom tiles and bamboo cladding features makes creates a stunning finish that blends in perfectly with newbuilds. If you’re not looking to completely design your bathroom around this one idea you can easily find small Japanese decor features which allow you to elevate the space.  

Living Plant Feature 

There is no better way to brighten up your living space than with fresh plants. Not only do they help elevate the aesthetics of the room but they enable us to create an oxygen-rich living space which is a pleasure to spend time within. Decorating your contemporary bathroom with some easy to maintain plants is a great idea for those who are looking to make the most out of natural lighting. Bright and vibrant plants create a lovely atmosphere for you and your family to enjoy. 

The Classic Marble Finish 

The first idea that comes to mind when anyone thinks about a new bathroom. This design is as simple as it sounds, marble counters, white floor tiles and the classic bathroom fittings that work so well in every home. Sometimes it’s best to stick to the bathroom design that you know and love. 

We hope that you have that this bathroom styles blog post has helped give you some inspiration when it comes to finding the new design for your home. Just remember, limited space does not mean you can’t have the bathroom of your dreams. 

Easy Home Improvement Team

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