Top 4 Reasons To Use Furniture Storage Space

ShuttersStorage and space issues are problems for many households today and, for a number of reasons, many residents rid their rooms of furniture to incorporate redecorated home style or scale back property size. Combat these hectic times by enlisting the help of a home storage provider like Len Lothian Store & More, who offer domestic storage facilities across Edinburgh and Glasgow. Read on to discover why to choose secure storage room, where your furniture can be kept safe in a storage locker and not discarded into a skip.


Seasonal Storage

As the harsh winter weather draws in, opportunities to relax in the garden are diminished, meaning outdoor garden furniture is vulnerable to inclement weather elements. Even with protective materials and covers, garden furniture is susceptible to rain and frost. Temporary storage units provide ideal shield for patio furniture, since many homes do not have adequate storage space. A reliable self-storage company can help.



Rising property prices, coupled with ongoing financial problems, have unfortunately caused many people to downsize. Those expectant of a return to a larger property often turn to the services of a storage company such as Len Lothian Store & More to stock surplus furniture and domestic possessions. Hiring storage space is a much more cost-effective solution than buying expensive new furniture at a later date.



The appeal of minimalism is reflected in the lack of clutter and open spaces offered by furnishing one’s home in a simple manner. Does this style suit your tastes? An overabundance of furniture counters the reductive nature of minimalism. A professional self-storage service can help you achieve the minimalist effect you desire, and with Len Lothian offering flexible storage and removal rates, putting the furniture you don’t need into storage has never been easier.



Home improvement work creates dust, mess and debris that can compromise the condition of your furniture. Some DIY enthusiasts try to cover all of their furniture with dust sheets for protection, but the only way to totally preserve quality is to remove them from the home until the DIY work is complete – this is made possible with the use of a storage facility. If you are intent on keeping your furniture in your home while you carry out the project, Len Lothian’s online store also provides a range of dust covers, as well as other essential packing items.

Storage facilities come in all shapes and sizes, and whatever reason you have for wishing to store your furniture, you can be sure that Len Lothian Store & More will be able to accommodate your needs. With their 24-hour CCTV facilities and affordable prices, furniture storage really is the future!

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