Tips on Designing a Home Extension

iStock_000002474541SmallA house is a home when you have a loving family. A major problem affecting happiness is usually encountered when the family grows bigger as a result of temporary or permanent guests. On top of this, you can also conceive more children. This increase, although a blessing, demands a strategy so that you can be able to cope with the new situation.

There are usually two options available for such cases. The first one is moving to a more spacious house. Since this has proven to be costlier for many people, the second option may suffice. This is extending the house. An extension on the house will without doubt save money while adding value to it at the same time. You’ll have the freedom of improving and jazzing up the space according to your tastes and preferences.

Planning for the Extension

The first thing that you’ll be required to do is to write down a plan. Don’t be limited and get as creative as you can. Brainstorm all ideas as they come to you. It’s best to involve other family members in the process. Make specific measurements with regards to the size of the extension and its location. The functionality is also significant. Ensure that you clearly state the main purposes that the extension will be serving in the plan as. Edit the plan to come up with a more concrete one that can be executed effectively.

When satisfied, hire an architect for professional assistance. It’s important to double check the plan as this will ensure all measurements are correct and there are no mistakes. Any relevant modifications will be handled at this point. In case the home extension will include a kitchen and/or bathroom, plumbing is mandatory. In addition, all electrical work must be handled by professionals as well. The architect will help you to make note of all these. Write up the budget.

Building the Extension

At this point, the next step that follows is to build according to the plan. You may have to hire building contractors for the job. Make sure that windows are located in strategic places as this will allow sufficient sunlight to enter the room. Consider your privacy. Since the contractors will literally invade your home, make prior preparations to minimize movements as much as possible. Provide easy access in and out of the extension so that other areas of the house are kept clean. Remember, construction is a messy affair and will leave you with a lot of cleaning work when not handled properly.

In general, it’s advisable to conduct an efficient research before purchasing building materials. This will enable you to get the best available deals. Try to match the interior with the exterior for an even and appealing finish. After the extension is complete, the last step is deciding on a look for it. There are many options to go for with the most common ones being country and contemporary. Move in the furniture required for the room(s). Now, you can enjoy the extension of the house.

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