Things your kids don’t want to know about Saving Energy

Energy saving; might be a bit boring if you’re twelve. Which is a shame really, because for many non-tax paying youths, it’s something that fuels their lives (or their phones and games). And, as the bill funding adult, you have every right to be interested in the bills. And not only that, but saving is vital for the future of the world, for as many reasons as you might be able to imagine. As such, here’s a handy guide on how to save energy at home and in the wider world around you, but only for grown-ups.

  1. Turn the TV off – Whether the kids are watching it or not, television might be thought of as a waste of electricity. Take out the plug ad throw it away, and give your young one’s a book. This also goes for games consoles, and computers too.
  2. Consider the switch – Anything you need to flip to turn on should be considered as a waste of energy. Electric blankets, heating in the summer, baths and stoves are all potential over users of energy.
  3. Use recycled goods – What’s the difference between a note-pad of recycled paper and non-recycled? Very little, as it happens. It’s the same with clothes, buy vintage, or at charity shop goods.
  4. Create recycled goods – Make sure you deposit all recycling in the correct bins, whether mixed paper, glass and so on. This reduces land fill, and ultimately if everyone recycled, our country, or even planet, would be in a far healthier place.

That’s just a few I thought best to let you know about. There are more tips on how to save energy around the internet, and even something that may get the kids interested. Remember, they are the future, and what we’re here to safeguard!

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