The Importance of Having a Tidy Kitchen

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Making your home look its best is the first step to take before you even consider putting your property on the market. Your kitchen is one of the key selling points in your home and it is the room which many buyers look at first. So why is it so important that your kitchen is tidy and presentable to viewers?


Space and size are important factors

The size and style of a kitchen can be the difference between an instant sale and viewers walking straight back out the door. If your kitchen is cramped and untidy it will look smaller and less inviting. Ensure that you remove any washing up, laundry or extra furnishings as buyers want to see themselves in your home. Your kitchen may be small in which case many viewers can be put off. Have you thought of ways to create more space to entice buyers? There may be unnecessary worktops in your kitchen which you could remove to make more space and open up the room. You may have a dining table taking up space. This is ok in larger kitchens but you may want to remove it if your kitchen is already on the small side.

The kitchen is a social area

The kitchen is often the first place that people go when they come home. People also want to be able to cater to guests in their new home and many people invite them into their kitchens. Your home may even have a garden which is accessed via the kitchen so guests will often see this area. Buyers want to see a kitchen that is inviting to themselves and to any guests they may have in the future so make sure that you make your kitchen appear spacious, yet inviting. Adding a table makes the kitchen look like an area guests will want to sit in but make sure that it doesn’t take up too much space. Paint the kitchen in light, airy colours to give the illusion of space also.

People want to have space to cook

People want practical yet stylish kitchens which are easy to move around in. People want to be able to cook without banging into things after all. If you leave clutter around or don’t make the best use of the space available in your kitchen then you could run the risk of putting buyers off. Made to measure designs are available which are measured to fit your kitchen exactly minus the extra sharp edges, worktops and unnecessary fixtures. These kitchens are designed to fit your appliances in snugly so that there is no clutter. Tidying up your kitchen can often mean making an investment but this investment can significantly increase the value of your home and result in a quicker sale.

Buyers may not even consider making an offer if they see an old, cluttered kitchen therefore you should make this your first port of call when you are cleaning and making home improvements. A tidy, clean and well-kept kitchen can have an instant impact on buyers and, if you go one step further and make improvements, then it can also add value to your asking price and you might be able to sell your house quickly.

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