The History of Central Heating [Guest Post]

Central heating is so called because the heat is generated in a central location, i.e. by your boiler. You can go back thousands of years and find man creating fires to keep warm, but this was just the first step towards understanding and using central heating.

Back to ancient times

However you may still go further back in history than you think to find information on how our modern heating started life. The ancient Greeks understood that heat could be transferred from one place to another by creating channels in walls and underneath floors. The heat created would pass through these channels and be felt in the rooms beyond. The proper name for this system was a hypocaust.

Underfloor heating became quite common in medieval times in some parts of the world; indeed it was regularly used in Alpine regions. It used a similar system to that of the Greeks, but the channels were solely restricted to run under the floors. It was actually very efficient, especially for the times.

What about heating water?

It would not be until the 1700s that people started to consider the possibility of heating water to pass through pipes to heat houses and homes. This is closest to the system of central heating we use today.

In reality people living in different countries around the world have been experimenting with the idea of centrally heating the home for many years. They’ve done it in different ways and it has led to where we are today.

Keeping your modern central heating system working efficiently

There is one thing all these systems have in common, both modern and ancient. If a blockage occurred anywhere in the system, such as when debris filled the pipes for example, it would lead to an inefficient system that didn’t work as well as it should.

Today we still have this problem, particularly as the water in the pipes can lead to limescale and/or rust affecting the efficiency of the water flow. In this situation you may opt for a central heating flush to ensure the system is fully flushed out and working at its best once more.

It might surprise you to learn how long we humans have been experimenting with central heating systems. They may have come a long way since the early days centuries ago, but the journey has been nothing short of impressive.

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