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grgrDecorating the home can be an expensive task as furniture is so expensive, especially furniture that needs to last a long time. It can also be difficult to choose the right items of furniture for the home as there are so many questions to ask:

  1. Is designer best?
  2. Does it matter if it’s cheap furniture?
  3. Will it last a long time in the home?
  4. Is it good value for money?
  5. Will it suit many items of furniture in the rest of the rooms?

A lot of thought goes into picking items of furniture as it is important to not only get fantastic value for money but the items need to look and feel homely in the room that needs furnishing.

So many retailers cater furniture items in many different materials and many people don’t realise the importance of certain materials as not only will they cost a bit extra but they will also withhold plenty of usage meaning they will withstand many years in the home.

The best places to take inspiration from are restaurants and hotels as a majority of these places spend a small fortune on ensuring strong, sturdy and stylish furniture. Hill Cross Furniture is one of the best contract furniture stores and they provide many tips and advice with furniture items which explains why their client profile is so impressive.

Some other tips to follow include the following:

Furniture items to invest in:

  • Always invest in an armchair to relax and read in even though these items can be expensive as these forms of upholstery can age beautifully over the years when taken care of.
  • Antique furniture is another great choice as 9/10 times the furniture is handmade which means it lasts for many years due to the hard and high quality graft that has gone into making each piece of furniture.
  • A good substantial mirror can be pricey but an excellent investment as it can be used in many rooms throughout the home and they add plenty of light which is great for the dark or small rooms.

Materials to stick to:

  • Choosing sofa or armchair materials in fabrics can be tempting as they look stylish and have a cheaper price tag, but leather is the best material to go for even though it does cost more. Leather is ideal for families and pets as it can easily be cleaned and doesn’t stain and another great factor is leather looks fantastic with age.
  • For other materials such as living room sets, hardwoods such as maple or oak are the strongest as they can stand up to a lot of weight and don’t crack very easily whereas particle woods do not last long at all as they chip and peel over time.
  • Finally when shopping for furniture make sure to look out for items that have been glued, screwed and doweled together as furniture that is stapled will not hold up well and will therefore fall apart very easily.

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