Steps Towards Remodelling Your Bathroom [Guest Post]

Bathroom RemodellingRemodelling your bathroom is a rare home project that incurs large expense and equally a huge return. As per your experience and budget with do-it-yourself projects, it is possible to do all or some of the work by yourself. Completing a step-by-step remodelling project of your bathroom is generally a function of enthusiasm, patience and planning. Most people assume that plumbing jobs are dirty and difficult, but one can be able to do most of the work. You can consider hiring a professional who will handle tasks which are out of your comfort zone.

How To Remodel Your Bathroom:

Measure the wall areas and floor space of the bathroom.

On a graph paper, sketch the measurements of the room, including windows and door openings. If needed, identify where light and space can be added. Identify the major fixtures that you need. If possible leave the toilet on the plan grid in its current location, but upgrade the toilet to a more modern design having water-saving fixtures. In a pre-made design unit, select a shower or sketch a tiled shower having glass doors. Choose a jetted tub or bathtub which harmonizes every aspect in regards to the shower. Invest in bronze or nickel faucets over cheap stainless choices. Purchase sinks, cabinetry and fixtures, and find somewhere onsite to store them while your old bath is being gutted. If no storage is available, schedule the exact time of delivery.

The next step is to disconnect electricity and plumbing in your bath area. Once that’s done, tear out old flooring, walls and plumbing appliances as required, and drag the materials off of your premises.

Make any needed structural modifications to the room beginning with the ceiling and then add recessed lighting fixtures or a skylight or install a bigger window in any of the external walls.

Once that’s done you should install a sub-flooring and drywall. Ensure you route all new plumbing and wiring via wall stud areas prior to nailing on drywall. Install all water lines and drain lines in the joist area of the floor before you nail in place new sub-flooring.

If desired, add a new bathtub and shower plus faucets as well as accompanying hardware and complete the flooring. You can install porcelain or ceramic tiles or put vinyl sheeting flooring. Allow all grout regions to dry for a period of 24 hours. Place the new toilet using a wax seal then attach water lines. Install the sink (s) and vanity cabinet as the focal points of the room. Remember that the colour of the surrounding decor or cabinetry including wallpaper or art must draw the eye towards the vanity wall.

To the wall on top of the vanity you then add your lighting appliances. You can add a lighting bar having clear bulbs or a complex light fixture which is held to the wall over the sink space. If you desire, install within the ceiling space a light fixture. Include details such as towel bars and shelving and throughout the space put in all

baseboard materials. On the wall above the vanity, secure a big mirror. When you have installed light fixtures as well as new electrical outlets, connect the room’s electricity and you would have a perfect bathroom.

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