Spring Clean

Samantha Cube is sharing her carefully gathered cleaning tips for spring cleaning. In anticipation of upcoming summer many people want their homes to look and smell new and fresh. Spring is believed in many cultures to be the best time for cleaning and here is why.

Spring is the time for freshly new approaches to cleaning. Spring fresh and clean beautiful home with large wide-open windows and gentle breeze flowing through the rooms is everyone’s summer reminder. Spring is when cleaning is not a chore but a joy of hot summer days preparation. Rug cleaning in Sydney is probably one of the most enjoyable cleaning in anticipation of hot summer holidays. Couch upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, leather upholstery cleaning and any other home freshening up improvements are best done in spring.

While ‘spring clean’ has become a phrase popularised by the modern media and advertising to necessitate consumption (Spring Clean your life; start a detox (with our new juice diet”), clear your wardrobe (“and restock it in our store”), cleanse your soul (“and start our yoga classes”)), it also reflects a number of ancient and religious rituals that existed long before the advent of department stores and fad diets.

Making sure your home is clean and cozy is a ritual in many cultures traced back to the ancient times as well as nowadays. For example, the celebration of the Persian New Year used to fall on the first day of spring; and everything in the house had to be cleaned for the New Year to arrive. Many cultures still follow the routine, embracing the tradition of preparing the house for the next year to take over the old one. For example, in modern Russia it is strongly believed that the rubbish must be taken out, the old items of decoration or even furniture are better of being replaced with new ones and most importantly everyone’s home must be sparkling clean when New Year is about to arrive. Ancient Iran has been following similar traditions since ancient centuries, embracing it nowadays. Preparation for spring’s Passover: a memorial feast marking the Jews’ escape from oppression and captivity in Egypt requires clean home which is a symbolic ritual of getting rid of chemetz.

‘Shaking’ your home from top to bottom in anticipation of the year ahead is many different cultures traditional routine. Spring has always been the best season for such thorough cleaning for colder or warmer countries without getting too cold or too hot while working.

The best approach is to start with the most difficult and stubborn spots of your home such as carpets and upholstery. Do not forget to make sure all the surfaces are well dusted and bathroom and kitchen thoroughly scrubbed. Different people choose different approaches for their cleaning routine. Some prefer to start from dusting and cleaning up cupboards before kneeling down to the floor to scrub stubborn old wine sports or removing animal hair. When fighting carpets or upholstery stains, hot carbonated extraction cleaning is suggested to be the best solution if you need to get the job done but remain soft to your furniture and rugs.

Whatever approach you take, you enjoy it more with widely opened windows and the Spring smell throughout every single room of your home. It is also much more fun to tackle cleaning with someone helping you. Call in some professional help to double your strength and and knock over your spring clean in less than a week. You might want to engage professional tile and grout cleaners, Persian rug cleaners or bathroom tile cleaners if you need slightly more advanced approach to your cleaning situation.

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