Some Must Have Bathroom Accessories

Believe it or not, bathroom is the second most important room in a house after the bedroom. According to studies conducted by the New York Times Magazine, people spend around a quarter of their lives inside the bathroom. Thus it comes as no surprise that more and more people give a great importance of a bathroom’s appearance by trying to make it as appealing as possible. And while not all are “blessed” with a large, spacious bathroom and a proper natural ventilation and lighting, below you will find a list with the most useful and stylish accessories to place in your restroom:

For ventilation

The perfect bathroom does not require much more than proper ventilation. The best form of ventilation comes, of course, in the shape of natural ventilation provided by a window. Unfortunately, small apartment bathrooms are rarely equipped with windows that allow fresh air and natural lighting to come in, so those of you who were not “blessed” with it will have to appeal to additional tricks and tips. The best way to offer proper ventilation is to install an exhaust fan. It will maintain your bathroom dry, keep away moisture and eliminate odors. However, for additional freshness and aromatherapy scents you might want to add perfumed candles or room odorants.

For floors

All bathroom floors require proper attention. River stones or porous tiles will prevent you from slipping and will diminish the risk of bath injuries. However, for those choosing style in the detriment of utility, soft rugs are a true feet-treat and a good bath acquisition. You can opt for a variety of styles, colors and forms, but the best ones are soft on the exterior and rubbery on their interior side to prevent slipping over.

For utility

There are countless ways of making your bathroom look pretty while keeping it clean and organized. Women who have a lot of beauty products and accessories can gather them and organize them through the simple use of baskets. Wooden and raffia baskets are both stylish and useful because they can enclose anything from bath creams and lotions to shower gels, tissues, perfumes, soaps and even towels. They will look gorgeous with whatever type of furniture and bathroom style you will adopt, not to mention they will not cost you a fortune.

Bathroom accessory sets are another useful and trendy invention. They also come in a variety of colors, textures and styles to best suit your bathroom ambiance and they are very useful. Accessory sets often include soap dishes, toothbrush holders, tissue boxes, towel supports and many others more that are both handy and affordable. To add a touch of luxury and elegance make sure you opt for accessories made of precious elements such as glass, stainless steel, marble or even gold.

For enhancing your daily bathroom experiences

This might sound silly but many people judge their friends’ bathrooms by the type of toilette paper used. So, unless you practice for becoming a Spartan each day, make sure you always have puffy, smooth and perfumed toilette paper. Moreover, you can enhance your shower experience by purchasing a sophisticated shower tub with hydro-massage functions, sauna and even LCD screens and radio. If you are more of a bath tub type, we suggest you purchase a hot tub equipped with massage functions for relaxing your mind and body. Scented candles scattered all over the bathroom or strategically posted near the bathtub will certainly enhance your bath experience, boost your energy and settle the mood.

For your own “guilty, small” pleasures

Bathrooms are truly fun and easy to decorate, no matter your style, budget or your bath’s size. No matter the style you will choose, your bathroom should always be welcoming, warm, relaxing, useful and trendy. Depending on your guilty pleasures, you can decorate your bathroom in lovely and girly shades of mint, pink, baby blue or lavender or, on the contrary, adopt a more luxurious style and opt for black, white and gold combos. You can keep your makeup essentials in colorful hanging storage boxes or you can choose small raffia baskets for a more refined style (you can find them all at Ikea). With the help of a beautiful and big mirror you can transform your bathroom into a true makeup studio; add spotlights and a makeup mirror and use specialized stickers for a funkier approach.

For the ultimate stylish touch you can opt for a first aid-looking cabinet such as the one from Debenhams.


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