Simple Steps To Make A Welcoming Space For House Guests

For those whose children have flown the nest, or just the lucky ones who have a spare room, decorating and furnishing the guest room can be a lot of fun! A guest room can be multi functional, for some using the room as an office is a great way to make the most of the extra space, or it can double up as a laundry room or even a place for extra storage, keeping rarely used linen, clothes and any other items that have been cluttering up your living space.

Choosing a bed for the guest room is the most important furniture item. A bed that doubles up, as a sofa is an excellent choice if the room is to be used for other purposes.  There are both single and double sofa beds available to buy, comfortable and practical, a fold away bed is a great space saver for a multi functional room.

For those who prefer to have a bed, choose one, which incorporates storage. Ottoman beds are divan beds that have extra storage underneath the mattress, ideal for keeping spare bed linen for when the guests arrive!

Any guest will need somewhere to keep their clothes when they come to stay, but remember they won’t need a lot of space, so a single wardrobe with drawers should suffice.

Imagine a room in a hotel and try to incorporate the same amount of furniture as you would expect to find when staying somewhere as a paying guest. A bedside table with a night-light is essential for guests who enjoy reading before they go to sleep and is also a handy place to keep a jug of water so they don’t have to get up in the night.

Keep the decor neutral and calming. Bold bright colours are jarring to the senses and not particularly restful. The same with any art pieces opt for pictures of natural scenes that are not offensive and give a calming feel to the room.

If the room is also used as an office, make sure there are shelves and drawers in the desk to put files out of sight when visitors are staying.  Adding a vase of fresh cut flowers will also detract the eye from the workspace.

Dress the bed in layers rather than just a duvet. Duvets are fine, but make sure there is extra bedding available, such as a throw and a top sheet for the summer months. The same with pillows, extra cushions on the bed can look pretty and also be used by a guest who perhaps enjoys a read before sleeping.

Finally, make sure the room is well aired and dust free before guests arrive.  Even if the room isn’t used very often, dust will still collect and the room can smell fusty if it has been shut up for long periods. Add a scented diffuser to help banish dust and give the room a clean fresh smell.

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