Simple Methods to help improve your Bathroom

Not many people realise just how important the bathroom is in the home. Not only is it a place to get clean, it also serves as a sanctuary or relaxation for those who love nothing more than enjoying a warm bath after a long day. As it’s a room which you visit every day in your humble abode, here are some easy ways to improve it for the better.

Sort out your radiators

If your bathroom never seems to get warm enough, despite having the heating on for what seems like an age, your radiators may well need looking at. Although modern central heating systems are reliable, older arrangements can prove less efficient over time because of a number of issues. It may be the case that it needs bleeding, or even has a build-up of sludge that needs removing, but getting it sorted will do the world of good and keep your bathroom nice and warm for longer. If you need help with radiators, this DIY Video Guide from Handywork Solutions offers tips on removing radiator sludge and plenty more tasks around the home.

Changing your bathroom tiles

Feel your bathroom tiles are looking tired and old? It’s amazing what a difference changing them for new ones can make. Available in all shapes and sizes, and even in patterned or plain colours, the variety on offer means you are sure to find the exact style you seek. There’s also the maintenance to consider, as new tiles with fresh grout will provide far better levels of water resistance compared to older ones. Need help installing them correctly? The guide mentioned earlier has another useful video.

Lay down the Lino

Not only are tiled floors cold, they can look grubby over time and cause all sorts of problems should just one crack – not to mention the issues with waterproofing with poor grouting. This is why lino flooring is perfect. Not only does it look stylish and clean, but there’s no chance of water penetrating it and it won’t crack. Lino flooring is also fairly easy to install; with the right tools and a quick guide, you will get it stuck down and secure in no time. B&Q have a handy guide, which you can read here.