Home Security Mistakes That Attract Intruders [Guest Post]

Intruders are always on the lookout for an easy nights work. They don’t want a tough time entering a home and stealing your precious belongings, so they are always keeping an eye out for homes with poor security in place or signs of weakness in their location or quality of fittings. Here are a few […]

Interior Remodel

5 Tips To Keep In Mind When Seeking Bids For A Home Remodel [Guest Post]

90% of “ad-on” work can be avoided in the bidding process.  Always write out a detailed description of the work you are looking to have performed, and provide it to ALL contractor’s bidding the job.  If the scope changes during a “walk through” with one bidding contractor, be sure to call other bidders to convey the changes.  You […]


DIY Carpet Cleaning [Guest Post]

If you launch a search on carpet cleaning a myriad of offers are poured onto you. No matter where you reside, there is absolutely always a suitable, professional company around the block, ready to meet all your expectations. But is it really so? I have wondered about it a lot. Not that it is important, […]


Why a Conservatory makes Perfect Sense [Guest Post]

If you’re considering adding a conservatory to your home then read on to discover why it makes perfect sense. If your home seems increasingly smaller as the family get bigger and the demands of modern life take over – with everyone needing more space – then an individually tailored conservatory could be the answer to […]


Choosing Doors – 5 Door Styles

According to, a door is defined as “a usually swinging or sliding barrier by which an entry is closed and opened”. Doors allow access within structures and a passage to the outside. Doors serve as architectural elements in most structures as well as provide security, conceal spaces, prohibit air and sound and allow light […]


Brighten Up Your Home With A Mirror [Guest Post]

As well as their obvious reflective ability for checking out your appearance, mirrors can be also be used in the home to create an illusion of light and space, whilst also adding a focal point to your room and having highly decorative abilities. If your room feels like it needs brightening up and some energy […]


Keep Your Home Pest-Free Without Using Pesticides

Pests are a huge problem! Be it insects or vermin, these parasites usually hide inside your home without you knowing it until you see them crawl out from nowhere. And one of the most obvious ways to get rid of them is by using pesticides. These kind of chemicals are applied all over the home […]


How To Keep Your Roof Protected From Potential Wind Damage

Keeping your roof is secure from potential damage from wind is very important to making sure that the rest of your house is safe. Roof can easily get damaged if they are not correctly maintained, however this can be a lot of effort and also be quite costly in repairing. Ensure that your roof is […]

Bathroom Windows

How To Choose The Right Blinds For Your Bathroom Window

From looking good to splash backs and moisture, window blinds need a cautious balance of pragmatism and elegance. Roller blinds are some of the most popular choices and are particularly useful for providing toughness without surrendering on the style and other materials. Furthermore, they are seen as flexible so that they can be specifically decorated […]

Bathroom Flooring

Why You Need The Correct Tanking For Your Wet Room

Tanking is where you waterproof a room to ensure that it is suitable for a in-built shower. It usually means that the shower is not specifically contained within a bath or shower unit. The slanted floors act as a path to the drain which is usually found in a corner of the room. It is […]