Organise Your Beauty Goodies With Elegant Dressing Tables

Organising and storing beauty products is a daunting task faced by most of the people. Most of the beauty products are to be protected from moisture, direct sunlight and some cases from our own kids. Hence there is a need to have furniture where all these products can be neatly organised without cluttering the room. A dressing table serves this very purpose.

A dressing table is a furniture which is usually given last priority while decorating bedroom. Normally people first purchase bed, wardrobe and chest which is considered to be an integral part of bedroom and if there is extra space then they go in for a dressing table. Since most of the modern villas and apartments are in short of space, wardrobe with storage and built in mirror is becoming a trend. But for those of us who consider a dressing table not only as a necessity but also a décor piece, there are different types available in the market.

The dressing table can be large, draped and kidney shaped table or it can be antique Victorian and French table. The Victorian and French table are characterised by their elaborate mirror and beautiful carvings and are ideal for large rooms. Art-déco tables are ideal for small rooms. There are different ways in which dressing table can be decorated. If the table is antique or French then it is better to leave it as such as the table itself acts as a décor piece. Other types of table can be decorated with jewelry boxes, candle holders, photo frame, perfume etc. Different types of mirror like half length, three faced, oval, rectangle etc are available. It can either come as a set along with the table or in some cases it needs to be bought separately. While selecting the table one should be careful that it matches the décor theme of the bedroom. If the bed, wardrobe etc are antique, then one should go in for antique dressing table. If white bed andwhite wardrobeis used then the dressing table should also be white in color.

Dressing table can be made of different types of wood. It can be made of hard wood like birch, oak and teak or it can be made of soft wood like pine and cedar. Even though hard wood is more expensive than soft wood, it is always better to go for hard wood tables as these are long lasting.

A careful selection of the table taking into consideration the theme, size, budget etc can make your bedroom a place of envy. Thanks to the numerous online shopping portals available, purchasing a dressing table is no more a tedious job. At the click of the mouse your dream dressing table is all yours.

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