Moving Home Checklist – Reduce the Stress of Moving with these Steps

The common question of “how to move home?” is asked by many a house mover.

Simon Long Removals’ interactive timeline of how to move home documents the essential stage of planning involved throughout the entire home removals process, from 2 months before your move to the days following your home move.

Below you will find attached an infographic version of this interactive timeline, with the stage of a house move outlined as:

  • What to do 2 months before your home move
    • Researching removals companies
    • Spring cleaning your home
    • Organising all of your moving documentation
  • What to do 1 month before your home move
    • Booking your removal company
    • Ordering any packing materials
    • Emptying freezers & larders
    • Measuring furniture
    • Informing the relevant parties of an address change
  • What to do 2 weeks before your home move
    • Start packing
    • Arrange time off from work
    • Contact utility providers
  • What to do on the day of your home move
    • Get your kids and pets out of the house
    • Keep your survival box and all important documents in a safe place
    • Give the house a final check
  • What to do post home move
    • Unpack
    • Celebrate / Relax

moving home checklist