Making an Effort for Cheaper Home Decor

iStock_000009816107SmallFinding the right decor and furnishings for a home, be it a studio, duplex or even a house, is a challenge. A challenge which is overwhelming as well as expensive. The end result one hopes to get is a home which is a reflection of the individual and is a comfortable place to live in. Furnishings and home decor can be expensive and buying focal points and larger items such as sofas and cupboards may need to be planned and done in an intervallic fashion. It isn’t simply the price which is the challenge but finding something which is agreeable to one’s tastes. However, a home without decor is one which looks barren and cold. In order to have make the house feel like a place where one would want to live, it needs to have an individualistic element to it.

Fortunately, for those without deep pockets, there are plenty of techniques and tips to getting great home decor without having to spend a small fortune.

  • Saving On Furniture


  1. Heading to thrift stores, impromptu sales, auctions and online stores are worth the effort. One would have to run around a lot more than buying off of a catalogue, but the effort is well worth it. The pieces that are available in these places of sale are all marked at much lower prices than those in retail shops. What’s more is that one can bargain and get appealing items for even less. It should be pointed out that most of the items listed in such places often need a bit of touch-up but the amount of money to be saved off-sets the effort.


  1. Keeping a look out for friends and family who’re selling furniture or moving base is also a good idea. Many a times, people sell their furniture just to get rid of them and not to actually make any money. Sofas, tables and chairs and media stands are perhaps the most cumbersome items for a person who is moving. Offer to take it out of their hands and if their friends or family, they should be more than happy to oblige. This is a great way for people moving into their first apartments to fill their homes with some furniture. Any items that is obtained in such a manner can be immediately replaced with a fresh purchase, but having furniture in the house is better than coming home to an empty room.


  1. Unsurprisingly, buying a pair or a set of anything costs more than buying individual pieces. When on a budget, it is prudent to eliminate trying to match everything together from the process of decoration. Instead, keep in mind the size of the object, such as the dimensions of a chair and get a similarly sized chair in a different color or style to make an individual set. If done properly, it can create a completely different and eclectic brand of home decor which will be unlike anything offered anywhere else.


  1. Poufs are very useful objects. For those on a budget, they can be a life saver. If you have extra guests over, then poufs can be used to serve as extra seating and when alone, they can double up as backrests and footrests. These poufs are never expensive and they save space as well.


  • Saving On Decor


  1. Don’t spend your free time glued to the internet or the television. If you’ve got a day off and you’ve got nothing to do, get a large canvas, some paint and try to make your own piece of art. One does not need to be an artist to paint and have a little faith in yourself. If nothing, then simply splash some color around and see what happens. If it’s really bad, then you can paint over it, and in the best case, you may end up making something that you like. In which case, you’ll have made your own decor!


  1. Your accessories can also double up as home decor. This is a great idea for those who live in small spaces and it works in two different levels. First, it keeps all your accessories in an organized fashion, you can take a piece of jewelry off the wall and wear it when you have to. Secondly, you don’t have to shop for art or decor, which means more money saved.


  1. Bookshelves take up a considerable amount of space so it’s a good idea to treat them better than simple storage spaces. Keeping a neat pile of papers and arranging your books properly creates its own drama and charm, especially if you have some great books. Adding accents through picture frames or even simple stones creates an additional visual appeal.


Claire Sullivan is a former interior designer turned free lance writer. Claire writes about inexpensive ways to get great home decor and has the wonderful quality of trying to do something herself before looking outside for help. Contact her for any information regarding decorating your home on a budget.

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