Making A Garden For A Small Apartment

It is always a privilege to own a garden in your home because of its associated beauty and environmental benefits. Most people who live in apartments find it hard to set up their own gardens due to various reasons such as lack of enough space and limited freedom since most apartments are rented. However, it is probably good news to learn that even with the limited space; you can still set up a garden in your apartment using the following tips and ideas.

How to make a garden in a container


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With the limited space in your apartment, you still have so many options to consider as you create a garden. A good example is the use of containers. In fact, this gives you the chance to be creative. You can decide to use football helmets, pots, old boots or watering cans. Once you identify the most suitable container to use, you have to paint it to match the color of your apartment. Depending on the appearance of your residence, you can decide to paint the container with a traditional or modern theme. However, always keep in mind that bright colors are better than dull ones since it is easy to notice them from a distance. Also create some small holes at the bottom of the container to allow the plant to regulate the amount of water required when watering them.

How to make a garden on the balcony or patio space

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The balcony and patio are so far the best places to set up your home-based garden in your apartment. However, before you place your container at the balcony or patio space, the following should be done;

  • Use heavier pots if your balcony or patio space is prone to heavy winds.
  • Use trays to trap water if you have neighbors below your balcony or patio space.
  • Make sure the plants have adequate supply of sunlight for at least six hours a day.

Tips for beautifying your garden

After you have created the garden, you need to make it look beautiful. Try to add plants with different shapes, colors and growing patterns such as pansies and zinnias.  It is advisable to choose those types of plants that shoot upwards during growth and those ones that spread along the floor just to add some bit of creativity to your garden. You may also add some decorative features like wind chimes, sundial, pinwheels and statues just to make your garden look elegant than ever.

Watering tips

For the garden to remain beautiful and elegant, you need the best watering equipment in the market. There are so many places where you can buy them but none of them offers better deals than

This website gives you the chance to choose the latest irrigation systems for your home-based garden without spending too much money on them.

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