Make Your House A Home

Making a home seem well ‘homely’ is easier said than done. We all have our own ideas about exactly what makes us feel like we are at home, whether it is a collection of scatter cushions or that one chipped mug you can not live without. One way to make a home your own is to start putting your own stamp on it, from picture collages to creating the perfect garden, here are our top tips.

1. Get Framing
There is nothing better than looking at old photos and enjoying the memory of times past. Whether it is a night out or a special occasion, photos capture the times that we want to remember (and some we may want to forget!) Frame your favourite photos and place them around your home to instantly make it feel more homely. A creative photo collage is a great way of putting together all of your favourite pics, choose a quirky frame to really make a statement.

2. Get Colourful
Magnolia is out and bright, bold colours are definitely in! When it comes to decorating your home, make sure that you choose the colours that you want – not what you think you should have. Colour affects your mood therefore bright blues, yellows, purples or any other colour you can think of will make your home a nicer place for you to spend time in. Create different atmospheres with different colour schemes; do not be afraid to go a little wild!

3. Get Outside
If you have outdoor space take advantage of it and create a space that you will want to spend time in. Add colour with flowers and ensure that your garden is ready for socialising with lights and garden furniture. A shed is a great addition to a garden and adds extra storage space, simply find the right timber supplies and get planning!

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