Lighting Solutions for Small Spaces

Many homes and flats in the UK are cozy and inviting, but they can lack adequate natural light. Therefore, home designers look for creative ways to increase this light by including simple lighting solutions to each room. Adding the right kind of light to a small space can give it the ambiance of a larger room in your home. Adding too much can make it seem stark and uninviting.

To help you design a home space that brings light back into your life, here are some possible lighting options that work well in small spaces.

Light From Above

One of the best ways to light up a small space is by using pendant lighting. There are a couple reasons for this. First, pendant lighting reduces the need to have standing lamps or tables for setting up lamps, because they hang from the ceiling. Second, there are multiple varieties of pendant lights that can meld with any home décor. From tiny glass pendant hanging lights to oversized natural fabric pendant lights, you can find a lighting solution for any size home.

Vintage Lighting Accessories

In terms of home design, vintage lighting options are making a comeback. Vintage lamps and wall sconces from the fifties and sixties feature plenty of golden glamour that can mix well with modern furniture elements. Try finding vintage lights at flea markets and antique shops, clean them up, and replace worn cords with fresh wiring.

Chandeliers with Charm

There’s nothing like a sparking chandelier to bring light into a home. Choose classic brass and crystal chandeliers, or get a modern version that operates with a remote control. Make sure you choose the right size chandelier for the room type. Entryways and bedrooms look good with small hanging chandeliers, while dining rooms and living rooms can have impact with a larger size chandelier.

Modern Lighting Choices

In many of the world’s best designed homes, recessed and track lighting are appearing on the scene again. These can be perfect for kitchens, offices and bedrooms where lighting options are limited in most homes. The good thing is that recessed lighting and track lights are relatively inexpensive and they can be installed in a matter of hours. Get yours in a variety of color choices and try looking for those that use energy efficient bulbs for energy savings.

Oversized Wall Sconces

The trend in home design is bringing art into the mix with oversized wall pieces that include sculptural metal work and wall sconces. Choose those that are either electric or use candles to light up the space in your home. This makes wall sconces suitable for any room in your place, and versatile for future design changes.

Under Cabinet Lights

Your kitchen can be an area that needs more illumination, particularly if its cramped. To accomplish this design upgrade, install low cost under cabinet lights that can be flipped on with a button anytime you need a little more light. Add them to your bathrooms, inside closets and the pantry areas to improve the function of these spaces.

By adding cool lighting elements to each space in your home, you can make your place a lot more enjoyable to entertain and spend time in. Choose lighting styles that bring out the best in your other home furnishings and don’t be afraid to experiment with vintage and modern pieces.

About the Author: Richard Tucker has been writing about home décor and design for many years. When he’s not writing, you can find Richard working as an engineer, designing energy efficient elevator parts for KONE Spares.

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