It’s No ‘Oak’ – The Benefits Of Oak Furniture

When it comes to interior design, everyone strives to discover that intricate balance between contemporary and timeless, style and comfort, luxury and affordability. With a whole host of designs, materials, trends and products at your disposal, crafting your perfect home setting can be half the problem.

What many people want is home that represents them as a person. People want a home that expresses their thoughts, feelings and beliefs in the most stylish and unique way possible. What many people struggle with is combining all the elements that make up interior design – furnishings, colour schemes, textures, designs – and encompassing them in one complete and original look.

One material that is blessed with this ‘timeless’ and ‘harmonising’ quality is one of nature’s most durable and withstanding resources; Oak. A natural hardwood, oak has been used throughout the centuries in the assembly of furniture products. From tables, to chairs, to beds, to wardrobes, medium or natural oak has been the first choice for many manufacturers.


But What Makes Oak Furniture So Desirable?


Test Of Time

Oak is renowned for its tough exterior and durable properties making it the ideal material to make strong and tough furniture.

What many people want is furniture that can combat the demands of life’s wear-and-tear without showing its wounds. It’s resistance to warping when wet as well as the woods ability to absorb water in humid conditions, mean it can be functional in a multitude of environments.


Beautiful Quality

The natural look and feel of oak is something that compliments any interior design. Its bold, brash and elegant sophistication make oak a material that is as desirable as it is functional.

Whether you’re hoping to create a traditional, rustic look or desire a modern and fashionable feel, oak holds the innate ability to harmonise a room with its fine, distinctive and wondrous grain.


Affordable & Stylish

In the competitive world of wooden furniture, finding the right hardwood or softwood can be a problem in itself. Whilst pine furniture offers a less durable option, rich hardwoods like mahogany can be considerably more expensive.

Oak combines both elegance and affordability making your home improvement much more manageable.


Easy To Maintain

Although it is one of the toughest woods around, oak does need a little ‘TLC’ now and then. Suitable for polishing, varnishing and oiling, you can ensure that your oak furniture’s attractive antique finish shines in stature.

It is always worth checking your oak furniture for knocks, chips and scratches upon purchasing and check the quality of dovetails joints. Topped off with a floral design, glass bowl or decorative ornament, you can create a look that encaptures spirit and heritage.


A Look That Will Last A Life-Time

The look, feel and presence that natural wood gives to a room is something that really cannot be replicated. Boasting a tough and hardwearing structure, the addition of oak furniture means that you can create a look that is as beautiful as it is timeless, durable as it is versatile and the perfect way to complete your new interior.


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