How to Update Your Kitchen with Furniture Fittings [Guest Post]

With so many great trends in kitchen design, you will be able to update an old kitchen simply even by changing a few simple fittings. The kitchen is quite possibly one of the most important rooms in your home. This is where delicious meals are prepared, coffee breaks are enjoyed, breakfasts are shared and new recipes are tried. The kitchen is often an integral family room, whether it is open-plan or separate to the dining room or living room.

Give your kitchen a fresh new look by updating old fittings for stylish new fittings, which could be chosen for a variety of styles from contemporary to rustic.

Essential Furniture Fittings for Modern Kitchens

From cabinets to doors; windows to hooks, fittings in a typical kitchen are often overlooked when the room is redesigned. Along with fresh paint and resurfacing, the right fittings can make a world of difference, and the best part is that they can be added with just the most basic of DIY skills. Here are some ideas for kitchen fittings to get you inspired.

  • Windows – depending on the size and type of windows in your kitchen, you could update the latches and fittings to blend in to the overall style of the room. You can also make kitchen windows more secure by adding window locks, adding more protection and peace of mind.
  • Doors – if your kitchen is separate, you can select handles or knobs in a variety of styles. Choose brass knobs for a rustic look, or gleaming chrome handles for a more modern kitchen. You will also need to consider exterior doors if you have one that leads to a patio or garden, in which case locks can also be updated.
  • Cabinets – choose something unique such as glass or crystal knobs for a glamorous kitchen cabinet, retro cup handles for something more understated, interesting curved handles for a modern look or even classic brass or period handles if you want to go for the rustic look.

While the choice of décor and themes is almost endless, it is important to follow the basic ‘rules’ of interior décor – the most important of which is consistency. If you have a rustic kitchen, modern fittings will look out of place. Retro fittings could be used in a more modern kitchen, but only if you are aiming for something bold and unusual. Once you have found the right fittings and added a few extra touches, you will be amazed at the difference in your kitchen.


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Rosanne Smith is an avid home decor enthusiast who researches and writes about the latest locks, window and ironmongery fittings for the home, along with many other furniture fittings.

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