How to take care of your bathroom.

The throne room – or more accurately, the bathroom is a sanctuary. However, despite the allusions of grandeur it can also be a place for muck, filth and germs to appear. It isn’t much of a problem to the naked eye, but all that dirt can lend itself to disease, build ups of limescale (or worse), or even nasty smells. It doesn’t take much to tell your bathroom is dirty, but for those not quite in the know we’ve put together some bathroom cleaning tips, just to help you clean your bathroom right!

1) De-clutter!  Get rid of those old bottles, wipe down all the counter tops and throw away old hairclips or broken nail clippers (sell them on eBay!)

2) If you keep a window wiper in your shower it makes glass screen maintenance a lot easier, provided you wipe your glass after every shower!


3) If you have a bin without holes in it, you can use this as a cleaning bucket! Fill the bin with water, soap and/or disinfectant, and you have the perfect cleaning tub. Empty it out after, and your bin will be clean too.

4) Ignoring number 2, if you have a shower curtain make sure to take it off before you wipe it down, or even throw it in a washing machine!

5) Lazy Tip: Washing the mirror and the tap to sparkling will make the entire bathroom seem much cleaner!

6) Toilets – They have many parts. Don’t forget to clean the handle, seat, lid, (any sort of buttons or extraneous equipment) and especially around the base of the loo. Check between cracks in the floor if your bathroom is tiled, too!

7) It’s easy to clean as you go. Keep a scrubbing sponge on the end of the tub, and scrub out the bath before soaping to clean myself. Whenever you wash up, shave, brush your teeth, etc, take 30 seconds to wipe down the sink and counter-top after finishing.

8) Don’t use soap bars, they create scum that’s hard to get rid of!

9) If all else fails, buy a self-cleaning toilet. At least that will stay clean.

Well, there are our top tips. I think it’s wise after all of that to take a relaxing bath, provided of course you’ve cleaned it properly!

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