How To Take Care Of A Washing Machine

There are so many variants of washing machine, in its humble beginnings to more modern built in washer dryers  and eventual steam cleans and other scary tech. For the moment though, there’s a problem people face with how best to maintain their washer. Here, I’ve compiled a list of five of the things to think of when faced with a dirty washer.

  1. Deep cleaning – Do your clothes come out as clean as they should? Or is there a funny smell inside the drum? It’s time for a deep clean then! There are several products out there that tackle the grimiest of deposits, but you’ll want to run an empty cycle to clean your machine too. You can make your own DIY washing – machine cleaner! Make a solution of 3/4 cup of bleach and 1 tablespoon of powdered laundry detergent. Let the solution run down a soak cycle of your machine, and then run rinse it to get rid of the bleach and clear it out.
  2. Clean that fabric softener dispenser – Probably the nastiest part of any washing machine, at least at my mum’s house, the drawer is packed full of nasties. Clean it out; it will get rid of the smell!
  3. Mop up spills – If you spill anything on your washer, you should wipe it away with a damp cloth or wet wipe straight away — don’t let the spill sit for long. What’s the issue? Most washer tops are made of porcelain or synthetic enamel. This finish can be damaged by exposure to liquid solutions, even tea!
  4. Clean the door – If your machine happens to be an integrated washing machine, you may find gunk in between the doors, on the ledge of the door, etc. Give everything a good solid wipe, and maybe even take the door off for a proper clean.
  5. Keep the door open – You’re supposed to leave the lid or door to the washing machine open after every load! I only learnt this recently, but leaving the door close doesn’t let the moisture evaporate effectively. Don’t close the door!
  6. Wipe it down — out ‘n’ in – It’s important to wipe down the outside of your washing machine about once a week, just as you would any surface at home. The best solution is a mild dishwashing soap (which cuts grease) and hot water.  Don’t forget the drums – You should wipe down the inside drum of the machine with a damp cloth. It’s easy for lint, dirt or soapy residue to build up inside.

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