How to Keep your Roof in Good Nick – Remember that Fascia Board!


It’s all very well thinking home improvement revolves around giving cracked walls the odd lick of paint and mowing the lawn on occasion, but the truth is, ignoring such a vital component as the roof could have a detrimental effect on your house and lead to pesky leakage courtesy of the great British weather.

Perhaps one of the main reasons we’re so bad at keeping our roofs well-maintained is because, well, most of us simply forget about them. It’s often not until we find our houses damp or cracks emerging that we realise it’s high time to venture *up there* and take a look at the problem.

There’s no need to wait until it all goes a bit pete tong though, we’ve thought of a few ways to keep your roof in tip-top condition all year round.

  1.  Install UPVC fascia boards – It’s a common misconception to assume that a fascia board’s function is simply to enhance the appearance of your home, they actually play a crucial role in the protection of your roofline and interior from harmful weather damage.

Although important for the roof, you needn’t buy the most expensive fascia board in the shop; a cheap fascia board will be just as effective as and healthier for your roof than wood which will rot over time.

  1. Give your gutters TLC – From crisp packets to autumnal leaves, a blocked gutter can have a damaging effect on the home – hello damp problems! If you want to ensure your home doesn’t resemble an emerging swimming pool, then it’s a wise idea to conduct regular maintenance to keep those gutters squeaky clean and free of debris.
  1. Fix cracked tiles – It’s not unusual for tiles to become damaged over the years – adverse weather conditions, powerful winds and volatile storms can all contribute to cracked tiles which can run the risk of leakage or drafts from tile decay.

Although it can be tempting to try and tackle the problem yourself, unless you have relevant experience it’s best to avoid DIY and draft in the help of a professional for your own safety and to avoid further damage.

  1. Install Insulation – An uninsulated home can lead to a quarter of heat being lost through the roof – brrr! Insulating your loft can save you a considerable amount of money not to mention the promise that your home won’t resemble an igloo come winter time. In addition, loft insulation can last for up to 40 years, proving it’s an all-round worthwhile investment.
  1. Repair the Flashing – Flashing, otherwise known as weatherproofing is the prevention of water leakage into your home. In all likelihood, If you find that your home has developed a leak then the flashing could be damaged and need repairing, particularly after a weather storm or extreme rainfall.

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