How To Get A Bigger Home Without Even Moving the current economic climate, climbing the property ladder has become a considerable challenge for many. As a consequence, an increasing number of property owners are choosing to extend their existing properties in order to generate additional space, as opposed to trading up and moving to a new home.

The desire for a bigger property is felt by many, especially those with growing families. Extension options are vast, and with this in mind, we’ve outlined some of the most popular methods of enlarging your home without even moving…

Side, front or rear extensions

Traditional extensions continue to be an extremely popular method of scaling up your living space, be it to the side, front or rear of your property as room allows. Traditional home extensions can take one of two forms, single or double storey. Single storey is ideal for enlarging your kitchen or general living space and double storey typically allows you to increase bedroom and bathroom space.

Garage conversions

Is your garage a disorganised outlet for your rarely used tools, appliances and general items requiring storage?

If you’re not making effective use of your garage, perhaps a conversion is in order. Garages are often turned into offices, utility rooms or playrooms and can provide your home with much needed extra space at an affordable price.

This will usually involve filling the door space, improving the foundations, enhancements to the flooring and the completion of general interior improvements.

Loft conversions

Taking full advantage of your loft space with a loft conversion is a popular option, proving to be an ideal location for a home office, additional bedroom or general living space to relax, unwind and entertain.

Key elements of the loft conversion process include rafter removal, the provision of access via a staircase and the installation of sky lights and dormers.

Garden rooms, summer houses or log cabins

If you are unable to further maximise your household space, why not take to the garden? Garden rooms, summer houses and log cabins all make fine additions to your garden and help provide that extra room that you may demand.

Perfect for entertaining or as a child’s playroom, they are an affordable option which can usually be erected in a relatively short time period versus a traditional home extension.

Conservatories, orangeries or sunrooms

If you’re keen to enhance the levels of natural light your home receives, why not consider adding a conservatory, orangery or sunroom to your property?

Perfect for use in all-weathers, they help to bring the outside in whilst adding considerable value to your property.

Remove an interior wall

Removing an interior wall can help to free up valuable space, especially when it comes to combining a smaller box room with a larger bedroom for instance. If you have a small, pokey room that isn’t being utilised, why not consider appending it to an adjoining room to maximise your use of space?

Remove your chimney

Chimneys and chimney breasts can take up a large area, and if you’re not using yours, it may be wise to have it professionally removed to generate new space within your home.

Build a front porch

If you are keen to free up space in your hallway, perhaps a front porch is the answer. Perfect for storing your shoes, hats, coats and other items, a front porch can act as a gateway between your home and the outside, with added security and energy saving benefits to boot!

How much does a home extension cost?

The costs of a home extension depend upon a large number of variables, including dimensions, building materials and the firm used. No matter what, it is always advisable to shop around and obtain quotes from a cross-section of local builders, to ensure you get the best price.

For those of you based in the UK, a broad overview of extension costs can be viewed here:

Thanks for reading; we hope we’ve given you a few ideas on how you can get a bigger home without even moving! Best of luck with your renovations!

Author Bio: This guest post has been shared by, UK providers of flat roofs for home extensions.

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