How Secure is Garage Door Automation?

Automatic garage doors are extremely convenient, they allow you to open and close your garage without leaving your car, which can prove useful in a certain, particular rainy, country…

The doors are operated by a portable remote and the operators should have inbuilt sensors which stop and reverse the door if an obstruction is detected. This ensures the doors are not only convenient but also safe & reliable.

Security Measures

Garage doors are typically manufactured from strong steel and if your door is automated, there are no handles to force or locks to pick for potential burglars. Your automated garage door can also be supplied with a manual release which allows the door to be operated manually in the event of an emergency or power failure.

Modern garage door operators use ‘rolling code” technology,’ like those used in car keys with remote unlocking. This means that a different code is created and transmitted each time the remote is used, making it very secure.

Potential Issues

The vast majority of customers will never have a problem with an automatic door opener throughout its lifespan. These incidents can usually be avoided by employing good common sense, but still serve as a reminder of what can happen on a particularly unlucky day…


* Check that the door’s emergency release is not obstructed. This can prove very dangerous if the remote has been misplaced and there is a fire.

* Contact your distributor if you think your remote has been lost or stolen to enable a new handset to be coded.

* If the door is opening and closing by itself, this may indicate that a button in the remote has become stuck and is constantly sending a signal to the door.


* Let children treat the remote and door as a toy. Although the buttons will appear fun to press to children, the weight of the door and the moving metal parts can make it dangerous if left unsupervised albeit with the inbuilt safety features on the operators.

* Leave your opener in your car, especially if it is unlocked in the driveway. It is common for a burglar to get a remote from a car and use it to break into the home.

* Don’t forget to lock the door joining the house and the garage.

Article kindly contributed by Garage Door Systems 

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